Introducing a Blue & Green friend: Great Rail Journeys



Each day we’re introducing one, two or three of our new affiliate friends. If you click through the link in this article, the link is tracked and may generate a small payment to us. Sometimes the payment is per click, per user, per application, per accepted application or any combination of the above. That payment funds us so we can grow and encourage even more readers to live, spend and invest sustainably. Today it’s the turn of Great Rail Journeys.

Great Rail Journeys was founded over 30 years ago and is the UK’s leading operator of holidays by rail with over 300 individual tours available across over 40 countries within Europe, Africa, America, Canada, the Far East, Russia, India & Australasia.

The joy of rail travel

They believe that the journey really is just the start of the adventure. This is why they travel primarily by rail; after all, trains are the most spacious and comfortable mode of long-haul transport, as well as one of the greenest and most sociable. On a train, you can simply sit and relax, watching the ever-changing scenery from the large windows. Otherwise, you can get up and walk about, perhaps enjoying a conversation with your new travelling companions. With many of their tours departing from London St Pancras International, you can avoid the queuing and stresses associated with airports, and instead admire the views from Europe’s fabulous high-speed rail network. With space to stretch out, the journey from the UK to your destination is no longer a necessary hassle, but instead a truly enjoyable part of your holiday.

Stress-free travel

Another of their beliefs is that holidays should be a completely stress-free experience for the traveller – and this is why all of their holidays are escorted by a professional Tour Manager, who oversees the smooth running of all the arrangements, ensuring you can simply relax.

They also feel that travel is more than the seeing of sights. They appreciate that some tourism can harm the places being visited, which is another reason why they use rail transport wherever possible. They are proud to have been awarded for their role in responsible tourism. As travel is more than the seeing of sights, they include a true balance of excursions and free time to allow you to gain a true insight into the region visited – often by using the local transport network.


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