Introducing: Sustainable September



At Blue & Green Tomorrow, we believe that all things are connected (‘omnia coniuncta‘ is our motto).

How we live our lives, how we invest and how we spend shape the environment, our society and the economy, not only for all of us today, but for the hundreds and thousands of young or unborn generations from tomorrow.

The Earth is a precious, fragile, blue and green marble.

We are borrowing from tomorrow’s generations. It is very unlikely that they will thank us for what we have done to their only home.

Today, we already live with yesterday’s poorly informed investment and spending decisions made by billions of individuals, companies and governments. From epidemic-level air, land and water pollution, increasingly rapid resource scarcity, massive over-consumption and population growth, climate change and resultant geopolitical insecurity.

Our antecedents have made decisions from the cultural norms of their day and the best data available, while profiting from and creating the degraded world we live in today. Today, we have accurate data to allow us to make better decisions, if we choose to.

Over a single month in 2014, Sustainable September will explore the interconnectedness of everything. This is not to dismay, frighten or lecture you into some sort of disempowered inertia, fear or apathy – but to showcase the truly incredible and brilliant people and organisations who are taking practical action today to create a better, a bluer and greener, tomorrow for us all.

What do I do?” will be answered.

We live on a fragile and precious blue and green marble, our only home. We need it to be sustainably blue and green tomorrow.

Watch this space for more details soon.

Photo: jing villareal via freeimages


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