Invest in Blue & Green, share our tomorrow. 7x return



The average current investment pledge is £1,225. We only need 204 more investors to hit our target. If the 906 people who read about our merger with Greenwise on Monday invested £275 we’d hit our target. If the 1,500 people who open our newsletter every single week invested £168 we’d hit our target. So what would you get if you invested and what would we do with your investment?

Firstly, you’ll have the knowledge that you’re helping every ethical and sustainable organisation that uses Blue & Green as their route to market. The ethical and sustainable market needs effective and affordable routes to market and we’re one of the most effective and affordable.

You’ll own a stake in our future growth and revenue. We forecast that we could return up to 13.5 times what you invested within four years. Being cautious, if we did half as well our business planning suggests is possible, then seven times your investment is an achievable and healthy return. Especially when 30% of what you invest can be used as EIS income tax relief.

In 2014, with one sales day per week, we generated £96,000 in revenue. With a full-time and experienced Sales Director we can easily generate five times that.

We also now have 40 partnerships in place with sustainable organisations, where we will earn a small commission on every single transaction. SAGA, our benchmark model, generates £466 on average from every single member in this way. We can become highly profitable by making just 34p per reader.

This combination of traditional media advertising and sponsorship combined with commission from sustainable goods and services creates a uniquely scalable and highly profitable business.

Your investment allows us to do all this. We can rebuild and optimise our website, launch smartphone and tablet apps, and build our senior team to create exceptional content and generate substantial revenues. It will allow us to deploy frequent, hard-hitting marketing campaigns to rapidly increase our readership and raise awareness of sustainable investing and living.

You can invest as little as £10 (effectively £7 with EIS) or as much as £250,000 (effectively £175k with EIS). Our average investment is £1,225, giving income tax relief of £368 on average.

Remember: it’s all or nothing with Crowdcube. Your investment is initially an expression of interest and no money will be taken unless you agree at the end, once we’re fully funded. There is HMRC approved tax relief on any investment in Blue & Green. You can always sit in the Dragon’s chair and make an alternative offer.

You can watch our pitch here and request our business plan through Crowdcube. Please #investaware. Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital as well as potential rewards. Please read Crowdcube’s risk warning and disclaimer before deciding to invest. To own a share in our tomorrow, click here.



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