Is sustainable investment gaining traction among financial advisers?



With guides coming out from stalwarts of unsustainable investment, FT Adviser and New Model Adviser (part of Citywire), we have to ask if sustainable investment is gaining traction with financial advisers.

New Model Adviser describes sustainable and responsible investment as a “rapidly growing part of the industry” while FT Adviser says it is a “growing area”.

This contrasts with FT Adviser’s more sceptical view, expressed in November 2012, which said, “While ethical investment is growing slightly in popularity, funds of this type still struggle to gain traction compared to investments with no ethical screening process.”

We’re delighted to welcome Citywire and the Financial Times’ adviser brand to advocacy of sustainable investment. We can only hope they will use their considerable investigative resources, reach and influence to be increasingly critical of unsustainable, irresponsible and unethical investment, rather than just opportunistically profiting from an injection of advertising from a fund.

In the meantime, we recommend you read our Guide to Sustainable Investment 2013 and look our for our guides on ethical financial advice and ethical funds, coming out this week.

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