It’s not shopping, it’s keeping Blue & Green free, for everyone, forever



So, you read Blue and Green Tomorrow. Thank you. You like what you read. Awesome. You’re happy that it’s free – who pays for any news online these days anyhow. Quite. No nasty paywalls or subscription schemes. Exactly. Well, we want to keep publishing and your clicks keep us free, for everyone, forever.

We have brought together an interesting collection of companies who we believe share our sustainability values and belief. They are ethical, or socially conscious, or responsible, or employee owned, or make a practical difference or are charitable or are all of the above. Not everyone will agree with our choices and as we move through the next stages of our evolution we’ll change the profile of our partners to maximise good and minimise harm.

And here’s the thing. Every time you buy something through our partners we’ll receive a small commission. We’re not expecting you to buy something you wouldn’t have bought anyway, but if you were going to buy that product, service or make that donation, do it through us. It costs you no more, but the few pennies we receive will keep us free for everyone, forever.

Our Guide to Affiliates lists all of our partners. Take a look. Support our wonderful heritage, book a lodge, find the perfect mortgage, take fifteen cars off the road, travel by train, etc. our readership and our partners can make us sustainable.

Just 5%, one in 20, of our readers buying something through one of our partners would mean we are fully funded every single month.


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