Last minute ISAs: the ethical options at a glance



Yesterday, Blue & Green Tomorrow gave you some last minute information on ISAs, and today is the last day you can apply if you want to be eligible for the 2012/13 tax year. We decided to see what other media outlets were saying about the ethical options.

The Independent put Triodos in the spotlight, saying, “Your cash is used to finance organisations delivering a positive environmental, social or cultural impact”, when taking out an ISA with the ethical bank.

The piece summarised the nature of ethical investment, adding, “The question shouldn’t be can you afford to invest ethically, but can you afford not to.”

The Ethical Consumer leaderboard places the Charity Bank ethical cash ISA, the Ecology Building Society cash ISA and the Triodos cash ISA at the top, saying that they are the “overall best buys”.

SavvyWoman also recommends Charity Bank: “It’s the only bank that’s also a registered charity. It lends to charities, social enterprises and community organisations including those that would find it difficult to secure funding from traditional banking sector.”

The Co-operative Bank is another provider held in high regard by SavvyWoman, which praises its ethical policy, stating that it “covers a wide range of issues from human rights to the arms trade, animal welfare to environmental impact.”

Meanwhile, The Herald in Scotland sheds light on Glasgow Credit Union, Triodos, the Co-operative Bank and its internet arm, Smile, outlining its appreciation of the fact the banks “do not do business with companies linked to the arms trade, oppressive regimes or environmentally damaging practices.”

Triodos, Charity Bank, The Co-operative and Ecology Building Society – which all featured in Blue & Green Tomorrow’s Guide to Sustainable Banking 2012 – provide a whole host of ISA options, and are among the best buys when it comes to the ethical options.

To get the truly best deal on your ISAs – both this financial year and next – we recommend you speak to a specialist ethical financial adviser. Have a look here to find the one nearest to you.

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