OVID Initiative To Optimise Inspection Regimes



Lloyd’s Register strengthens vessel and rig inspection service through The Offshore Vessel Inspection Database (“OVID”) to provide faster assurance checks and improved safety performance.

Inspectors of Lloyd’s Register are optimising inspection regimes thanks to their accredited status using the OVID web based inspection tool to reference inspection reports.

“OVID has been designed to provide a number of positive benefits to Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF/IOGP) members and vessel managers. By using a database where inspection reports are available to OVID participating members, experience has demonstrated that inspection numbers will drop over time,” says Kevin Comeau, Manager of Dynamic Positioning/Power Management & Marine Safety Systems for Lloyd’s Register.

Assurance checks as a part of the chartering process may be speeded up as the assurance personnel have access instantly to credible information on the vessel and its safety performance.

We are already seeing an increase in enquiries from within the US, to the Middle East and across Asia.

“Inspectors from Lloyd’s Register are proud to be accredited providers to members using OVID and we are confident we can add value to owners and operators of offshore vessels that seek out quality inspection services. We are already seeing an increase in enquiries from within the US, to the Middle East and across Asia,” highlights Comeau.

In the long term it is an aspiration that OVID will form a tool that is central to the selection and assurance of offshore vessels complimented by an Offshore Vessel Management Self Assessment (OVMSA) protocol that will inform Oil Company assurance teams of the capabilities of the vessel/unit managing organisation.

“Our work with members of OVID is targeted towards ensuring optimum safety of operations carried out in the industry,” says Comeau.

It is recognised that the offshore industry has a particular set of processes and procedures for assurance and chartering. OVID’s main goal is to provide a sturdy web-based inspection tool and database of inspection reports, which are given more credibility with the aid of professional inspectors with accreditations from risk and assurance providers such as Lloyd’s Register.

Comeau adds: “An OVID inspection through Lloyd’s Register provides considerable benefits to those who are members of the OCIMF and IOGP, as well as vessel managers. It will provide faster inspection assurance checks as personnel have instant access to vessel information as well as its safety performance. It also allows vessel operators the ability to ‘show case’ their capabilities and provide a tool to project teams to pre-screen vessels that are capable of undertaking required activities. Having this document controlled by the vessel/unit operator allows for rapid amendments to reflect upgrading activities, and allows project teams to quickly evaluate a vessel’s new capabilities.”


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