Per ardua ad astra – an update on Sustainable September



“Through adversity to the stars” is the motto for the Royal Air Force, which is apposite for a magazine that grew out of the RAF county of Lincolnshire. Visit Lincoln sometime, best Castle-Cathedral combo in the world. Period. Anyway, here’s an update on Sustainable September.

Heart-breaking though it was, we had to make the painful decision to cancel all but one of the Sustainable September events. The Sustainable Investment debate is still taking place on 23rd September.  You can and should book tickets here.

The truth is, the lack an overall sponsor for Sustainable September meant the risks of proceeding with the series of events on ticket sales alone became too great for the core magazine. We simply ran out of time to secure a replacement sponsor, after one abruptly pulled out in July.

Like all things, these things come in threes and a certain amount of personal, personnel and financial turbulence has hit the magazine as a result. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger so we’ll be making an announcement about our plans next week.

We want Blue & Green Tomorrow to be a genuinely impartial and raucous advocate of sustainability, with free access to everyone who wants it, especially the unconvinced. But we can’t do this without your help.

If you value what we do, we look forward to your support when we make a major announcement next week.

Photo: bernadg via Flickr

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