Save B&GT: 12 days to go – pledge £52 today



Blue & Green Tomorrow is currently crowdfunding to ensure its survival after hitting financial headwinds. We need our readers to pledge to give us time to secure other income sources, so we can grow and make our business model sustainable.

If just 3% of our readership pledged £52 we would hit out target of £90,000, giving Blue & Green Tomorrow an opportunity to remain a thorn in the side of the reckless and unsustainable, while acting as a voice for the responsible and sustainable.

Over the years we have profiled over 500 companies. If just 131 of those pledged £520 we would be on our way to overfunding and ensure we are funded for the next four months, by which point the magazine will be self-sufficient, with some incredible deals in place to make sure we become viable.

To find out more about Blue & Green Tomorrow, our plans for the future and what your pledge would mean to us click here. Visit http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/blueandgreentomorrow to pledge.


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