Save B&GT: 16 days to go – pledge £52 today



For 14p per day or £1 per week or £4.33 per month, we can make B&GT viable. If just 3% of our monthly readership pledged £52 we’d hit our target and be on our way to over funding. If everyone reading B&GT today alone pledged £52, we’d pass the target and be 100% over-funded.

Where do I pledge?


What does B&GT do again?

We publish online content that raises awareness, investment and income for sustainable enterprises and initiatives. We cast our net wide and filter only the really interesting, non-greenwash stories so you don’t have to.

How do you make money?

A small group of generous socially responsible investment firms has under-written B&GT to date, but as our readership grows we can promote sustainable, responsible and ethical offers, from which we will earn a small and transparent commission.

Why don’t you just introduce a paywall?

A paywall means our audience will shrink significantly and be limited to the ‘already converted’. We want to reach beyond the already converted.

The Times (print circulation 393,530 and a paywall) ranks 5,332nd online globally with 4.7 million readers in the UK, while The Guardian (print circulation 186,312 and no paywall) ranks 138th online globally with 11.8 milion readers in the UK (sources: ABC June, Alexa September and NRS Jul13-Jun 14). You want to make a difference, you need a big readership.

What will you do with the money raised?

It will fill a fatal hole and allow us to grow. In short, we lost revenue from a major event sponsor and that left a hole in our finances. Our business plan needed the time that money gave us to allow other income sources to grow. Hitting our crowd funding target means we have the six months of breathing space we needed to become financially viable.

What products will you earn commission/fees on?

Switching to clean energy, booking responsible travel and holiday cottages in the UK and opening accounts on our partner investment platform. Going forward a print magazine, premium paid content, live and web events, a jobs board, dating, educational courses and a bond issue all represent other good future investment and revenue streams. Buy the sustainable, responsible and ethical things you want and need through us and keep B&GT free at the point of readership.

I don’t have £52, would you take…?

Any pledge is enormously valuable and gratefully received, from £52 to £90,000. Pledge whatever you can afford and share your pledge with as many people as you can. If everyone who has pledged already found one other person to pledge the same, we’d be nearly half way there. A few other people and we’d be on our way to over-funding.

Okay, I’m in. Where do I pledge?



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