Scotland decides as Blue & Green readers decide our fate



Some 4.3 million Scots may be going to the polls today to decide their country’s status as an independent or union nation, but 3,500 Blue & Green subscribers and 72,000 readers are deciding our fate on whether they pledge to keep us going or not.

We really need your help to get passed £45,000 (when a few people are waiting in the wings to pledge larger sums) and make this crowdfunder fly. We have eight short days to get there.

There are rewards for both individuals and for organisations. For the equivalent of £1 per week as an individual or £10 per week as an organisation we can keep Blue & Green Tomorrow as the raucous advocate of sustainability it has become.

If you’re pledging as an individual then:

If you’re pledging as an organisation then:

Save Blue & Green Tomorrow today.


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