Sustainable institute of the week: Sustainable Lifestyle Research Group



The Sustainable Lifestyle Research Group (SLRG) is co-ordinated from the University of Surrey. Its principle aim is to develop new understandings of the processes that lead to changes in people’s lifestyles, behaviours and practices.

Through this understanding the SLRG can offer evidence-based advice to policymakers about realistic strategies to encourage more sustainable lifestyles.

The core funding for the programme is provided jointly by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the economic and social research council and the Scottish government.

The projects undertaken are varied and cover four research clusters – community, economy, change processes and synthesis. Current projects include an investigation into the strategic attempts made by civil society organisations to make food systems more sustainable, assessing consumers willingness to pay for sustainability factors such as organic or fairtrade and exploring the relationship between children and the environment.

The SLRG adds that over and above its research aims it is also dedicated to building capacity for research in sustainable lifestyles amongst academics, young researchers, practitioners and user communities.

“Above all SRLG aims to provide vital resource for policymakers attempting to influence the behaviours and practices of households, business and communities,” it notes on its website.

Photo: Tanya Hart via Flickr 

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