TED talks: Stop the Rush! Why entrepreneurs should take the time to succeed – Phyllis Pierce



Tech entrepreneurs should not be obsessed with timing because being successful requires patience and time, says Phyllis Pierce in this week’s featured TED talk.

Serial entrepreneur and founder of My Luck Club, Phyllis Pierce draws on her own experience in moving from the US East Coast to Los Angeles in order to produce her dream movie and become a successful entrepreneur.

My Luck Club is a website that encourages people to help each other, as users looking for houses, jobs or cars or other post ads with a reward that motivate other people to help. The idea, Pierce said, has the potential to “revolutionise the market place”.

She notes in the talk that while nobody ever asked how long did she takes to reach one of her previous goals, when she launched My Luck Club, when people started to pressure her, questioning whether the time she was needing was a reason for possible failure.

After noting that only a small 3% of tech start-ups are founded by women, she says, “I asked myself, what’s the rush? Why is everyone rushing me to succeed?

Pointing out a series of examples she notes, “Rushing isn’t necessarily a good thing.”

Overnight success stories are the exceptions, not the rules,” she adds, noting that 90% of tech start-ups fail, therefore making patience and consistency a must for entrepreneurs.


To watch this video on the TED website, click here.


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