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Do you know an inspiring person in the world of sustainability? Perhaps you know a particular story that you think deserves to be told? We want Sustainable September to be shaped by Blue & Green Tomorrow readers, so let us know who you’d like to see as speakers.

We are co-ordinating five events across the month – four evening debates, for which we need speakers on tourism, retail, energy and investment, and an all-day conference that will bring together 20 visionaries and thought leaders to discuss sustainability, solutions to unsustainability and how we create a blue and green tomorrow.

If you know someone who you think would fit the bill (including yourself), please do get in touch. While several organisations are helping us organise and underwrite the month, the bulk of our ideas and funding will come from our readers and ticket sales – essentially crowdsourcing and crowdfunding Sustainable September.

If you can’t think of any potential speakers off the top of your head, you can still help us by telling us the topics you’d like see discussed – whether that’s a particular debate, issue or technology that you think deserves a mention.

All you have to do is complete this very short survey, where you can also register your interest for tickets before they go on general sale later this month.

You can also get in touch on social media. Follow Sustainable September on Twitter (@SustSept), Facebook (facebook.com/sustsept) and through the dedicated LinkedIn group.

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