Critical Tips For Getting Your Green Business Discovered On Google



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Sustainability is a greater concern to customers than ever. There are a number of ways that companies are embracing eco-friendly business practices. They are finding new ways to use greener forms of ecommerce.

The Internet is a great medium for eco-friendly businesses. There are two reasons for this:

  • Online commerce tends to leave a smaller carbon footprint than traditional retail outlets
  • The ROI of online commerce is higher, which makes it easier for green startups to survive

However, you need to find the right strategies to reach customers. This means that you need to be found on Google.

Green Businesses Need to Have a Sound Search Engine Marketing Strategy to Survive

Whether you’re writing a green living blog, or building a website for your green company, ensuring that your business is found by potential clients is imperative. It’s what your entire success is riding on. After all, how can you expect to make any money or build a great green brand if people don’t even know your sustainable business exists?

The simplest way that potential clients can find you and your website online is through search engine results. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo hold the key to getting your company the exposure that it needs. Search Engine Land has found that organic search drives 53% of all Internet traffic. But with so much competition out there, vying for the first page of results, how can you get your green business noticed?

It takes a lot of hard work, but there are ways you can improve your search engine rankings. Read on for a simple guide to getting your website found in search engine results.

Build your website using a pure CMS platform

A pure CMS platform (Content Management System) is a simple, yet effective way to improve your search engine results. What is Umbraco? Click the link to find out more. This software allows users to create, write, manage and modify the content that they have/want on their website. CMS allows you to create and fully maintain your website without difficulty, all while allowing you to uniquely style your content with the software tools provided. It is also very cost-effective, which is important since so many green businesses are on tight budgets. They’re also incredibly search engine friendly!

Include Metatags for all your pages

Each page of your website will probably have a description. However, you also need to include a metatag description for each page. There’ll be a space to include one of these descriptions in the website editor/creation tool. This hidden description is for Google and other search engines, so they know what the page is about and so they can help users find what they’re looking for. You can use a meta description that talks about your green business benefits, which will help eco-friendly companies find you more easily.

Update your social media – regularly

You should consider your social media pages and your website as one entity. You should have links and connections between the two. And you should be updating them both regularly. When you update your social media and include plenty of links to the appropriate pages, this will boost your SEO rankings and improve your findability.

Do plenty of keyword research

What kind of words are people using to search for businesses like yours? What are they typing into the search bar? Finding out what keywords you need to be using in your website descriptions and metadata is crucial to boosting your visibility on search engines. So, get researching!

Make SEO a Priority for Your Green Business

Every green business needs to operate as cost-effectively as possible. You will want to target customers through the search engines, since SEO has such a high ROI.


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