Top ecotourism destinations: Costa Rica



Costa Rica is one of the world’s most loved green destinations, thanks to stunning natural landscapes that have not been damaged by reckless touristic development, and various tours and activities that travellers can enjoy.

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The Central American state is not only a place to experience peaceful holidays or thrilling adventures in its amazing tropical forests or uncontaminated beaches. Costa Rica puts the respect for the environment everywhere, from its tourism sector to its economic development.

The country aims to become the first carbon-neutral nation by 2021 and hosts the largest swathes of protected natural reserves in the world – 20 natural parks and 8 biological reserves. This, and its rich biodiversity and unique ecosystems, have made Costa Rica a top destination for green tourism over the past decade.

The peaceful and friendly environment that travelers enjoy in the country surely adds value to a holiday in Costa Rica: the country was the first to abolish its army, and its motto, ‘pura vida’ (pure life) says a lot of the soul of this green paradise.

The country’s minister of tourism, Wilhelm von Breymann Barquero said, “The Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT) has developed a series of strategies and activities that guarantee the quality of the destination in a sustainable manner. 

“Our visitors will have a unique experience in Costa Rica that goes beyond the senses with all the beauty that Costa Rica has to offer: nature, culture, history, cuisine, adventure, peace, prosperity, stability and above all, its essence, its happy, friendly, and peaceful people, all of which motivates you to fall in love, stay longer and keep visiting.”

There are many eco-tours and numerous activities that travellers can enjoy, including some involving rural communities. The Rainforest Alliance’s Eco-Index on Sustainable Tourism is also a useful tool for identifying ethical tour operators.

Photo: Jose Conejo Saenz via freeimages

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