A Warm Hello from our New Managing Director



Ben Brougham joins Blue & Green Tomorrow with a first class publishing background. He joins us from Vitesse Media (owner of What Investment). Before that he was at Caspian Media (owner of Real Deals) and Euromoney (owner of Institutional Investor). Most recently he was Event Director for the highly successful New Energy & Cleantech Awards and many other fast-growth company events.

Ben writes:

Why would anyone give up a secure job in an established media company to join a riskier venture? Because I believe in the mission of the company and I believe in its founder.

I first met Simon Leadbetter in 2012 at the New Energy Awards, an event which I had put together, now in its tenth year. We’ve been discussing and debating ideas and roles that I could do for Blue & Green Tomorrow ever since. The stars finally aligned in September this year.

So why would I give up a secure job in an established company to join a riskier venture? Firstly, simply because I don’t think it’s that risky. But, without risk how can you push boundaries and challenge the status quo?

Blue & Green Tomorrow is doing something incredibly tough and incredibly valuable, incredibly well. While there have been many me-too publications over the years, it’s Blue & Green Tomorrow that is still pushing and publishing, six long years after it first published an article.

Six years for any start-up is impressive. I know, having worked for a publisher that owned SmallBusiness.co.uk, Growth Company Investor, Information Age, GrowthBusiness.co.uk and What Investment. Start-ups die at an alarming rate. Simon’s impressive tenacity has kept Blue & Green Tomorrow going through thick and thin.

When I sat down with Simon and his partner (and wife) Emily to talk about what I think we could do with Blue & Green Tomorrow there was a crystal clear meeting of minds on ambition and plans.

So this is a warm hello from me. I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can over the coming weeks and months. We’ve launched our new website this week, we’ll be running a readers’ survey before Christmas and early in the New Year we’ll be holding our first Readers General Meeting and Blue & Green Tomorrow’s 6th Birthday Party.

If you have any thoughts please drop me a line at ben@blueandgreentomorrow.com I’d love to hear from you.

Yours kindly,



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