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Without mitigation, scientists believe that rising greenhouse gas emissions will cause global temperatures to increase by as much as 3.7C to 4.8C from pre-industrial times by the end of this century.

This would far exceed the 2C threshold above which it is feared devastating climate “tipping points” will be crossed. It is a worst case scenario that will be locked in within decades.

To reverse this trend, the IPPC says global greenhouse gas emissions must be cut by 40-70% from 2010 levels by mid-century and to near-zero by 2100. This can only be done with a trillion dollar shift in investment away from polluting fossil fuels and towards clean renewables and energy efficiency.

Likewise, defining global challenges like deforestation, resource scarcity and workers’ rights abuses can only be addressed if the potential of sustainable finance is harnessed – if investors, financial institutions, everyday users of financial products are recruited.

Over the last four years, B&GT has championed causes such as these. It has shouted about the importance and opportunities of sustainable finance, teaching its readers that you can make a positive difference with your money without compromising profits and returns.

We have obviously not been the only voice in the sector, or even the loudest, but each and every investor, shopper, traveller, voter, banking customer and energy consumer we have swayed is a victory. It is vitally important that B&GT can continue this work.

If B&GT fades to black in the coming weeks, it will do so having achieved great things. But it would be a terrible shame for this incredible journey to end and for this loud rallying call for sustainability to go quiet.

Please pledge to save B&GT now.


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