What to Consider Before Investing in a Green Property



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Still unsure how to choose the right community or neighborhood to relocate or start your family? This can be even tougher if you are looking for a green home, since there aren’t as many on the market.  Choosing a home needs to be both an emotionally and financially sound investment.

Most of us have been there, which is why we created this article that covers the considerations you need to look out when looking for a new house and community for your family.

Knowing if a community is a right fit for your family

If you are concerned about green living, you want to live somewhere where people share your views.

Kid-Friendly Amenities. You should find a location that offers different amenities that benefit your entire family. Find one where all of your family’s needs are easily met – amenity, feature, and location wise. Start by touring around and checking for parks. Visit the neighborhood and find signs of kids and families playing outdoors. Soccer goals, trampolines, swing sets, etc. are good indicators of a kid-friendly neighborhood.

Try visiting the neighbourhood during different times of the day. A kid-friendly neighbourhood usually has school buses or kids walking to school during mornings and afternoons, and perhaps kids playing outside before or after dinner.

On the other hand, a neighbourhood with a lot of seniors may not be a family-friendly one. Take note of the age of kids in the area. Your toddler may not fit a community if all you see are pre-teens hanging around.

Warm and friendly neighbours. Another quick way to know if a community will fit your family is by visiting it and chatting with people there. Are they as concerned about green living as you?

Don’t hesitate to start conversations with people you see in public areas like parks. Ask a parent what their experiences living in a particular neighbourhood are or if there’s anything that’ not particularly good. People typically like to brag about the positives and complain about the negatives.

Distance to necessities. Make sure that the neighbourhood is right for your entire family and not just for other members. Proximity to necessities is vital for a balanced life. School, malls, parks, transportations – these things are very important for a family’s daily living.

Safety features. This for me is the single most important feature a neighbourhood should have. This is even more crucial with little ones in tow. The home shouldn’t be near dangerous transportations like railroad tracks or a major landslide zone, heavy traffic, etc. Scout the neighbourhood for these.

Also, having bars within walking distance is generally less desirable than ice pizza joints and cream parlours when raising a family.

If the property you’re buying doesn’t come with a parking space, is there enough street parking nearby and street lighting? Will you need to walk far to get home? Would you be comfortable walking your kids or pets around the neighbourhood even in the evening hours?

A green community. A green community is a win-win situation for any family. A green community is where everyone implements environmentally friendly practices to meet their daily needs. These communities work hand-in-hand to safeguard the future generations from pollution while minimizing carbon footprint. The major components of a green community include creating walkable or liveable neighbourhoods with different transit options, sustainable infrastructure elements and green spaces.

Calderwood Valley, for instance, is a master-planned community by Lendlease, designed to reflect the rich local heritage and character of the beautiful Illawarra region. It provides families with the best of Australia’s outdoor lifestyle. Choosing to relocate your family or start one in communities or properties near Wollongong, Lake Illawarra can be the next best decision you take. Check it out!


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