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The need for environmental projects grows every year. Providing technical and financial support for such projects is crucial if we want to live a better life and save the planet. But, is the current funding for environmental projects enough to save the planet?

Proper management of natural resources and the environment is crucial for the wellbeing of every living creature on Earth and economic growth.

However, all of these important natural assets are extremely compromised. Based on statistics, 60%-70% of all the ecosystems in the world are degrading much quicker than they can recover. This results in massive economic losses every year. One particular example is the fishing industry; it is estimated that because of fisheries mismanagement, they are losing $80 billion every single year.

But that is not all. Due to overfishing, deforestation, and various other harmful human activities, around 1 million species could be at risk of extinction in the following couple of years.

So, what are we doing to change that? Is there enough funding for environmental projects? Let’s take a look at the statistics and see what we can expect the current environmental fund to do.

Who Is Responsible for Environmental Projects?

For many years now, all the huge environmental problems were for international organizations and governments to take care of. All these problems heavily depended on their leadership. Even though there were many resources invested in taking care of the environment, the problem got even worse.

Because the government and the organizations couldn’t take care of it on their own, a new movement spread. People from all continents, even Europe, America, Africa, and Australia, are trying to make a change.

Many supermarkets have now switched from using plastic bags to biodegradable bags. People are selling merchandise online to increase awareness-inspiring others to buy and invest in the environment. Many are writing inspirational content or an essay or are looking to buy an essay online to find writers who will help them express their opinions better. You can buy essay here if you want to join in, too, and share your ideas on climate change. When looking to buy essay online Australia, make sure to look for skilled writers. That way, when you buy an essay, you will be happy with the results.

What Changed?

People slowly realized that organizations and governments couldn’t protect the planet alone. Writing an essay about the environment for homework, selling brochures, or throwing pamphlets around doesn’t cut it. More had to be done to see at least minimal results. That’s why many companies, networks, groups, financiers, and different sectors have set targets on fixing this problem, and now we have the technology to do it.

Who Has Invested the Most in Environmental Projects?

There are different programs, projects, and investors willing to contribute to the environment. They’ve worked on reversing the degradation of ecosystems, restoring habitat, are protecting rainforests, and more.

Around the world, many have contributed to funding for environmental projects. Some of the most impactful contributors are:

  • The Global Environment Facility (GEF)
  • UN Sister Organizations
  • Private Sector
  • Green Climate Fund
  • European Commission

The Global Environment Fund (GEF) is an impactful asset manager that invests in companies that promote resource efficiency, energy, and focus on reducing the use of raw materials and environmental waste. To this day, they have invested around $1.0 billion across the world.

The UN Sister Organizations have invested around $48 million, the private sector $26.6 million, and the Green Climate Fund $26.4 million.

The European Commission has been working hard to fund environmental, climate, and conservation projects for many years now. Right now, there are exactly 122 European calls and subsidies made for the sole purpose of protecting the environment investing $21 million.

What Has the Current Environmental Fund Achieved So Far?

The most influential contributors to the environmental fund are:

  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • France
  • U.S.
  • Sweden

According to records, all the projects to increase awareness about climate change, ecosystems, pollution, and extinction have been successful. It seems that people are now more concerned with environmental protection than they were decades ago.

Since the Dutch are the number one influential contributor, let’s take a look at what the current environmental projects have achieved so far in the Netherlands.

Based on the same records, 81% of all people in the Netherlands are more concerned about the environment. As a result, they are taking immediate action to reduce the use of plastics.

Furthermore, 88% of Dutch citizens fully support the EU environmental fund, and 83% now express concerns about the impact of harmful chemicals. That’s why the Netherlands presented a circular economy program in 2014 and was one of the first countries in the EU to do so.

So far, records from 2017 show that recycling and reuse of plastics have managed to successfully reduce emissions by 28%, and with the help of food and biomass circular actions, the emissions reduced by 35%.

Can We Actually Save the Planet?

Based on records, this is a pretty exciting time. With all the investors, society groups, businesses focusing on reshaping the entire economy, we can see some amazing rewards. Since this revolution is only just beginning, that can happen by 2030. But, until then, we have to keep unleashing new forms, global changes, and innovative strategies to work on the environment.


To obtain favorable results, both private and public cooperation is crucial. If we want to achieve a major transformation, we have to work together to implement these changes that will improve both the wellbeing of all living things and bring economic value.


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