Good Money Week: the halfway point – news coverage



Jerry Seinfeld once said: “It’s amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper.” it seems there’s enough sustainable finance news to fill newspapers for a week from Land’s End to John O’Groats, via Lincoln (927 miles if you must know).

We’ve been noting each day what’s been trending on Google news this week, the original articles rather than those that follow. Here’s the top coverage:

Blue & Green: The Guide to Sustainable Investment 2015

The fifth edition of Blue & Green Tomorrow’s flagship publication, The Guide to Sustainable Investment, is finally here, in advance of Good Money Week. Read more.

Blue & Green: Good Money Week: 3D Star Rating identifies four 5-star investment options from Threadneedle, Triodos, WHEB and Brookfield

Independent SRI Consultancy 3D Investing has developed a philosophy and approach to identify the real heroes of the socially responsible investing world. The approach is fully explored in Blue & Green’s recent Guide to Sustainable Investment. We list the top funds here. Read more.

The Money Pages: UK investors want to invest more responsibly

Over half of UK investors are looking to invest more responsibly, according to a new survey. Read more.

The Independent: Throw good money at good firms and achieve good returns

It’s the start of a week celebrating ethical investment and supporting companies with a conscience is increasingly paying off. Read more.

Blue & Green: Ecotricity’s ecobond three to offer 5.5% to investors

Britain’s leading green energy company, Ecotricity, has launched a third bond as it looks to raise up to £25 million to assist in building more green energy projects in Britain. Read more.

Moneyfacts: Ethical investors have been rewarded

To mark the start of Good Money Week, Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts has analysed the market and found that those who invested ethically during last year’s Good Money Week (19-25 October 2014) have been rewarded for their decision to do so, with the potential returns generated far outweighing those that could have been achieved from non-ethical investments. Read more.

Actuarial Post: Women want to make a difference with their money

New research from Standard Life shows that women want to make a difference when they invest. Women investors are 10% more likely than men to want to invest in companies that achieve positive social outcomes (41% vs 31% respectively) and 9% more likely than men to want to invest in companies that minimise environmental damage (48% vs 39%). Read more.

Blue & Green: Winners and Spinners Report 2015 reveals best-in-class ethical funds but uncovers evidence of ‘greenwash’. 

Winners and Spinners Report 2015 reveals best in class ethical funds but disappointingly also uncovers evidence of ‘greenwash’ in this year’s review of the ethical investment market. Castlefield, the UK’s leading specialists in responsible investment, today announces its ‘Winners and Spinners’ review for 2015, an annual analysis of UK-based ethical and environmental funds worth £15 billion (Source: EIRIS), designed to help investors who want to ensure their savings make a positive impact. Read more.

Forbes: Fact: The Younger The Investors, The More They Care About Values..

The global investment management industry may not know what has hit it. Leadership does not always come from the grey haired folk, particularly in an age of fast technological change, where the best ideas can rise up from the crowd, without structure or planned deliberation. Read more.

Blue & Green: Record 1.85m saving and investing £3.6bn in social and environmental change

A record 1.85m people are saving and investing £3.6bn in businesses creating positive social and environmental impact, according to the Ethex annual report of the positive investment market. Read more.

And then there’s been the odd rogue – hasn’t got the: ’21st century happened memo’ – article, which we won’t give credit to here. But they really need to read this.


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