Green Shoots



In October 2010, Money Management held a discussion with a group of IFAs, Fund managers, and other experts connected with ethical and environmental investment.

The discussion included the shift from environmental issues being a ‘niche’ concern for a small section of investors to being the most important challenge now facing the world. With the mix of government support, consumer demand and company innovation, there is scope for growth into the future, and the area is now a strong investment opportunity.

The experts noted the distinction between ethical and environmental funds, as Mark Hoskin from Holden and Partners said: ‘they are very, very different beasts’. Ethical funds typically screen against certain unethical activities, whereas Environmental and Multi-Thematic funds usually invest directly in the companies they consider encompass those themes. Claudia Quiroz, fund manager at Cheviot, discussed her thematic approach considering Energy, Food, Health, Resources and Water.

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