Guidance on Trading Bitcoin as an Eco-Friendly Investor



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More investors are becoming concerned about sustainability than ever these days. A report published last December found that ESG investments accounted for 33% of financial assets.

There are a lot of reasons that ethical and eco-friendly investments are becoming more popular. However, they seem to conflict with some other investment trends, such as the growing interest in cryptocurrencies.

Although cryptocurrencies are popular, they have gotten a lot of flack for not being eco-friendly enough. We recently talked about the environmental impact of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies replacing fiat currencies.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to resort to eco-friendly bitcoin investing strategies. You just need to understand the basics and make sure that you have an eco-friendly means of mining and powering your computers when placing trades.

Know How to Embrace Eco-Friendly Trading Strategies When Buying Bitcoin

Before investing in a certain crypto asset, be sure to check the most recent news out. It surely will assist you in picking a coin that would surely bring you income in case of investment. This is just as important if you are an eco-friendly trader as if you were buying bitcoin in a traditional manner.

November 2021 was one of the best months in the history of bitcoin. BTC price grew by almost 40%, and the closing price of the month showed a new high. Part of the reason might be that more people are realizing bitcoin is taking measures to be eco-friendly.

But most Exness Broker experts believe that the best times for investors are still ahead and argue about only one thing: whether bitcoin will go to the correction before the new surge or continue to update price records.

On positive news, bitcoin rose 39.9% in October-November period, updated its all-time high of more than $ 67,000. In December 2021, it is aiming for new records.

Launching a bitcoin ETF will attract new customers. This event will definitely not go unnoticed by large investment houses, which can now accumulate bitcoin in the portfolio of their tens and hundreds of thousands of clients, especially since the demand for the latter is growing every day.

You can make sure to emphasize the measures that your bitcoin ETF has taken to be greener than alternatives. You can highlight how Bill Gates was wrong about bitcoin being green. This has helped greener cryptocurrency managers gain investors that might have been more concerned about sustainability.

So, December news about bitcoin would be expected to be more versatile and numerous — than even they were in October and November 2021.

You need to know how to be strategic about investing in bitcoin. This involves using a bitcoin calculator to make the most of your investing opportunities.

How Can You Invest in It in an Eco-Friendly Manner?

It should come as no surprise that when investing in BTC, one may follow some famous experts’ strategies — like the Jeremy Schneider and/or Jully-Alma Taveras ones. However, neither of them would tell you the main secret: investing in crypto is risky. Trading crypto on a brokerage platform is less risky, manifold.

There are diverse strategies on how to invest in BTC. We’ll consider averaging, one of the most beneficial alternatives frequently used by Burton Malkiel, Princeton professor and chief investment officer.

The essence of averaging is as follows. It is literally impossible to find the perfect time to buy bitcoin. At whatever price a trader acquires an asset, it is likely to decline before entering the long-term growth phase. Therefore, some investors use an averaging strategy.

This strategy works like this: the user divides his capital into several parts and buys bitcoins on them over time. Thus, if the asset price falls, you can use this as an opportunity and buy more coins. In this case, the average purchase price of BTC will decrease.

Each user can determine how many parts he will divide the capital. The more of them, the more average the price will be. The best option is to invest in BTC every day for $ 10.

For example, when investing in bitcoin using the Exness forex broker company, you would be able to make money on crypto without possessing any coins at all. So, you’ll not have to pay commissions for purchasing coins, and you’ll not stumble upon scamful wallets where you buy BTC but encounter nothing but a fraud.

When you invest with Exness, the company’s managers will assist you in opening a real crypto wallet with no trouble.

In addition, you will be able to use a wide range of payment methods for withdrawing and depositing at Exness:

  • Bank card (debit and credit)
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Perfect Money
  • WebMoney
  • Tether (USDT OMNI).

Almost each of the payment options ensures you have instant transactions.

While you are trying to draw attention to your eco-friendly bitcoin ETF, you should emphasize the steps that you have taken to lower the carbon footprint. Make sure that you mention the fact that you are using renewable energy to trade bitcoin as eco-friendly of a manner as possible.

Pieces of Advice for Beginners

Traditional knowledge about the functioning of the financial market is insufficient because — unlike fiat — the virtual currency market is more volatile and risky.

So, we list several vital pieces of advice for beginners to use for successful cryptocurrency investment!

Determine Your Goal

It depends on how willing you are to invest in this industry. Are you interested in investing only because of the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies? Are you interested in a specific project? Do you want to do professional trading, or are you just interested in trying it?

Conduct Your Own Industry Research

It is important to develop a sense of how the cryptocurrency market works. Take the time to understand in detail what you can invest in.

Interact with Other Traders

A reliable and promising ICO company will do everything to make it known in the crypto community. Keep track of the latest discussions regarding your chosen coin. Check what is now on the agenda on both forums and social networks.

White Papers: A Must To Read

Please do not rush to invest in cryptocurrency before reading the project’s white paper, that is a document that must be posted on the coin’s website with its technical characteristics, history of creation, and the project policy.

Conduct a Coin’s Market Analysis

It is not enough to know only the technical characteristics of cryptocurrency — you need to understand whether the coin is in demand in the market. What makes it special? Is its concept completely unique, or does it simply complement the algorithm of an existing cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin Mining as Investment

Mining bitcoin as a process is known to be one of the crypto industry’s energy and finance-consuming aspects.

In reality, mining is the way to generate BTC. To the newcomers to cryptocurrencies, it may sound pretty appealing. It doesn’t seem to be an investment that would instantly bring you lots of income when it comes to the very process.

There are a couple of reasons for this fact, namely:

  • Mining requires high investment rates
  • It is based on high energy consumption
  • Expenses for mining are beneficial in case this is a really big farm
  • Hardware maintenance would require much effort.

These reasons showcase that the very process of mining is not for individual use.

It’s much better to invest in crypto — even if you just want to hold it — without getting deep into blockchain technology. Yes, it means that investing in cryptocurrency is manifold easier with a financial account at a reliable brokerage company, like Exness.

You may become an eligible investor just within a couple of minutes and trade crypto without any big risks associated with the process of mining per se.

Being an Eco-Friendly Bitcoin Trader Can Be a Great Option

Bitcoin has previously gotten a bad rap for its impact on the environment. However, there are a lot of good reasons for green investors to start using it. It is evident that the choice is not that complicated: being a trader is much more beneficial and can lead you to real income within a short period.


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