The return of Energy Bonds adds to the widening Retail Bond mix



Energy Bonds, Greener Bonds and Good Energy Bonds. There is a flood of retail bond offerings to the market with very similar names, which is likely to cause some confusion, but it is giving retail investors real choice for the first time and hopefully driving market interest and real finance to the renewables sector in the process.

What is happening?

On the 2nd July I wrote about the launch of Energy Bonds and how uncomfortable the corporate structure looked to me. 3 months later and a new improved offer has been launched by CBD addressing many of these concerns. This new offer is much more palatable and sits alongside the Greener Bond which aims to raise £10m and the Good Energy Bonds which aims to raise between £5m and £15m. All three of these Retail Bonds are in the renewable infrastructure space and offer investors a neat comparison and even the ability to diversify and construct a ‘Retail Bond’ portfolio.

About the new Energy Bond offer

The Energy Bond Offer is issued by Secured Energy Bonds PLC, which is a wholly owned UK incorporated subsidiary of CBD Energy Ltd. It offers a 6.5% interest for a fixed period of three years, with interest being paid quarterly. The money raised will be used for the design, development, installation and management of rooftop and brownfield solar projects, together with the costs associated with the bond launch.

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