5 Great Instagram Accounts on Green Living



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Instagram has become the world’s most popular image sharing social network. One of the amazing things about it is that people can easily follow accounts that are specific to one of their interests. If you are interested in sustainability, there are tons of green Instagrammers that you can follow.

Leading Green Instagram Accounts for 2018

I have spent the past year looking for great Instagram accounts on sustainability. Here are some of my favorites. Keep in mind that the list is constantly changing, so you should check back regularly. It is also a good idea to find Instagram accounts on your own. If you have your own green Instagram account, you can use a variety of strategies to promote it.

We immediately received these remarks from a spokesperson from Kccatl. “Instagram is an evolving network. Successful green Instagrammers use a variety of organic and paid media to expand their follower base.”


Milkwood is a popular website in Australia that teaches people how to eat organic and sustainable food. Their Instagram account shares lots of images of people planting food and taking care of livestock in a green way. If you are interested in learning more, you can visit their website to check out their courses and workshops. You can find corresponding blog posts to learn more about sustainable farming and following an organic diet.

Unlike a lot of other organic lifestyle influencers, they don’t focus entirely on following a vegan diet. They teach a lot of courses and workshops on growing livestock as well.


MindBodyGreen is one of the biggest green lifestyle brands in the world. They cover almost every element of green living, from physical, mental and spiritual. They have numerous posts and products on improving your health and changing your outlook through green living.


Sustainabilityinstyle is an Instagram account run by Katie Roberts, a former fashion industry professional turned environmentalist. Katie‘s Instagram account has a unique focus: teaching people how to dress sustainably.

She helps people find clothes with a small carbon footprint and make sure they last to minimize landfill waste. Katie’s Instagram account has been online since 2010. She has nearly 21,000 followers, because she shares such insightful green fashion tips.


Moodofliving is an e-magazine that focuses on stainable living. The website and its corresponding Instagram account share a wide range of tips on:

  • Improving your health through sustainability
  • Finding happiness and minimizing your carbon foot print through minimalism
  • Lowering your stress, stretching your wallet and helping the environment by moving to more sustainable regions

Nearly 23,000 Instagram users follow this account.


Ecowarriorprincess is a website developed by Jennifer Nini, another Australian back in 2010. Nini has pledged to create the best possible advice on sustainable living. She is currently a leader in the field, not just in Australia but throughout the world.

Finding More Great Green Instagram Accounts

Instagram is like our world, constantly evolving and shaping to the users within it. This means that new Instagram users are constantly showing up. If you are interested in using Instagram to learn more about green living, you should keep expanding your list of green accounts to follow.

There are a number of ways that you can do this:

  • Following green hashtags, such as #greenliving, #greenery, #ecofriendly and #green. These hashtags will help you find a number of Instagram accounts that share green content.
  • Looking at green living blogs for lists of Instagram users to follow. I found Ecofriendlyprincess by reading a couple of my favorite green lifestyle websites.
  • Following content that is shared by other green users. They tend to stay in the same circles, which makes it easier to find each other.

There are probably tens of thousands of green Instagrammers, although they don’t all label their accounts as such. You may need to dig deep to find some of them.


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