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Valve Actuators: Underappreciated Sustainable Living Tools For 2020



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The market for valve actuators is expected to be worth $125 billion within the next three years. Countless factors are driving the growth of this untapped market, but few are more influential than the growing demand for green technology.

The need for green technology is rising steadily. By the year 2024, companies and residential communities all over the world are expected to spend $28.9 billion on clean and renewable technology. Many of these companies are investing in obvious forms of clean technology, such as solar cells and geothermal devices. However, valve actuators are among the most important forms of green technology, even though they don’t have the same publicity.

Valve Actuators Are Essential to Clean Energy in 2020

According to environmental experts, people shouldn’t depend on fossil fuels too much. Although it still tops the list when it comes to providing energy worldwide, it shouldn’t be the way forward. Fortunately, demand for fossil fuels is dropping sharply, largely driven by a 40% decline in coal over the last decade.

The timing couldn’t be better. Environmentalists believe that many countries are already experiencing a crisis of fossil fuels. That is why they suggest that people should move towards a greener environment, something that will not entirely depend on fossil fuel energy. So, what is the change that can help you move towards a greener and healthier environment? Let’s find out.

Energy consumption

The best way to deal with this issue of fossil fuels is by using solar energy. Many countries have already taken the initiative to make solar energy their primary source of electricity. However, you cannot produce the exact amount of energy that households and factories would need. The solar cells will absorb as much energy as possible when the sunlight is in full swing. So, what will happen to the surplus energy from the solar cells? That’s where energy consumption comes into action.

One of the key tools that help in the conservation of solar energy is a valve. In fact, valve actuators are now used by experts to conserve solar power so that people can use it later when there is a shortage. This is quite similar to preserving water. For example, consider two actuators: one operating at 1000 psi with a 36-inch valve and the other with a 25-inch valve. Both of these valves would require almost similar force to operate. Instead of using fossil fuel energy, companies can use solar power to provide the force it requires.

Solar energy needs

The company making the valve actuator also plays an important role here. Blackhawk Supply, for example, is the best brand when it comes to valve actuators. The use of solar power in most of their valve actuator applications is available in remote parts that have mountainous terrain, desert, or jungle. Since these areas don’t have reliable utility power, they have to depend on solar energy. Some of the oil-producing nations in Latin and South America depend extensively on telemetry and solar energy to use gas pipelines efficiently.

Apart from the regular uses, there are several off-grid applications that require solar energy. Many states in the US are using solar power with valve actuator applications in their water agencies and energy pipelines.

One of the primary reasons why there has been a paradigm shift is cost reduction. Switching to solar energy is not just healthier for the environment. You cannot begin to think the number of money countries would save if they make solar power their primary source of energy. Conventional extraction of fossil fuels involves spending millions of bucks every year. It then goes into the production stage and finally comes out as electricity.

But with solar power, you don’t have to invest in the extraction process. All you need to do is invest in the preservation of surplus energy. That’s why valve actuators have become crucial; that’s why more companies want to produce advanced solar cells that can absorb massive amounts of sunlight within a short period. But all countries should come together to support this initiative to keep the environment greener.

Growth in Valve Actuators is Driven by the Demand for Sustainable Energy

Sustainable energy is becoming more important in 2020. This is driving greater interest in clean technology.


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