Why You Should Choose An Eco-Friendly Mattress



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When the whole world is leaning towards going green, why shouldn’t you follow suit? But going green doesn’t just mean going vegetarian. You can also help the environment by making smarter purchases.

There’s no doubt we spend a lot of time in our beds – sleeping, eating, working and whatnot. So for something as important as your mattress, you only deserve the best. And that’s where eco-friendly mattresses come in.

They’re organic, good for your health, chemical free, and super comfortable too! But if you still need some more convincing, keep reading for a detailed account of all the benefits of an eco-friendly mattress.

What is an Eco-Friendly Mattress?

Eco-friendly mattresses are basically organic mattresses. This means only natural, environmentally friendly ingredients have been used to make this mattress. Even the production process uses renewable natural sources. It also maintains strict organic standards and complies with all environmental laws.

How is a Regular Mattress Different?

Regular mattresses use innerspring with layers of foam or fibers. These are primarily made of different synthetic materials like polyurethane foams, polyester, and vinyl. Additional hazardous chemicals like dyes, adhesives, flame retardants and antimicrobials are also used.

So, regular mattresses aren’t the healthiest or safest option for us. What’s more, they’re not environmentally friendly either.

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Mattresses

You’ll find a wide range of mattresses for platform beds, low beds and every type of sleeping situation. But my personal favorites are the eco-friendly mattresses such as the Saatva mattress that has taken the markets by storm.

Here are some of the benefits of owning an eco-friendly mattress. Once you go through them, I’m sure you’ll join the fan club as well!

Only Hypoallergenic Materials are Used

Eco-friendly mattresses mainly use organic cotton and wool. These materials are free from allergies. You won’t wake up sneezing or with irritating rashes. Regular mattresses, however, use antimicrobials and other chemicals, which are hypoallergenic. Organic mattresses are the first choice for people with respiratory issues and other allergy problems.

They are Extremely Comfortable

Natural cotton or latex is very comfortable to sleep on. Eco-friendly mattresses give your body the support it needs while you sleep. Turning sides will no longer be a problem either. The mattress rolls with you while you are sleeping. The layers on the mattress are only designed for the most lavish kind of comfort.

You’ll Never Find Mites

Organic mattresses are resistant to mites. Mites can’t survive in natural fibers like cotton and latex. The mattress is so thick and dense that mites have a hard time settling there. So, if you are allergic to mites then choosing an eco-friendly mattress is the wisest decision.

There are No Chemicals

Regular mattresses use a lot of chemicals. The use of these chemicals is potentially dangerous. Organic cotton, however, is free of pesticides and fire retardants. With an eco-friendly mattress, you can rest in peace knowing there are no chemicals near you.

They Have Temperature Regulation

Organic mattresses help to regulate moisture content and temperature. Wool and cotton are natural regulators which keep you feeling cool on hot summer nights. Organic mattresses also have special insulation capabilities which ensure warmth in cold weather. So, whatever the season or the temperature, organic mattresses are very comfortable to sleep on.

No Molds Will Ever Form

When sweat seeps through mattresses, molds can develop over time. That’s why traditional mattresses need a protective covering to soak up the sweat. But the wetness still isn’t removed from our bodies and molds still have a chance to grow. Organic mattresses, however, wick moisture away from our bodies. This makes sure our bodies stay cool and our mattresses are dry and fresh.

They’re Easy to Customize

Natural mattresses have the option to be adjusted according to your needs. The mattresses are made in layers. These layers give you the freedom of customizing your own bed. You can add or reduce layers t to adjust the firmness, based on whatever is most comfortable for you. You can also have different firmness levels for each layer on the same mattress.

They Last Longer

Innersprings give synthetic mattresses their shape and bounce. But over time these springs loosen up and the bounce is gone. So you’ll need to replace the springs from time to time. An organic mattress, on the other hand, doesn’t use innerspring technology. Latex foams, horsetail hair and coir fiber give them the bounce they need. These materials also ensure longer durability.

Your Mattress Won’t Catch Fire

Synthetic mattresses use chemicals, adhesives, and dyes, which are flammable in nature. But organic mattress uses wool, which is a natural fire retardant. So eco-friendly mattresses are not hazardous and ensure your safety while you sleep.

They are Good for the Environment

Organic mattresses have less impact on the environment. No damaging chemicals are used. They are also made from rubber trees, which give a lot of cotton and latex over their lifetime. This makes the production process sustainable.  These mattresses don’t emit gases or use bleaching either.

You’ll Get Better Quality Sleep

Traditional mattress cause allergies, disturbing your quality of sleep. This is sure to lead to the start of a bad day. Our body is supposed to heal and regenerate while we sleep. The chemicals in a synthetic mattress do not allow this process to take place. So, we often end up having restless nights in bed. Organic mattresses ensure proper rest and sound sleep. This will ultimately affect your whole day and productivity as well.


There is a lot of pollution and harmful chemicals in the air that we breathe in every day. And long-term exposure to these dangerous emissions causes a lot of health issues.

We spend on an average one-third of our lives on the bed. So why expose ourselves to these chemicals even more by using a synthetic mattress?

After a long day of hard work, you need a healthy, full night’s rest. And eco-friendly mattresses are made to do just that, plus more. so be smart, go green, and buy an eco-friendly mattress. Trust me, this will change your life for the better.


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