Are America’s Student Ways of Life Sustainable or Not?



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The importance of ecological sustainability has been a matter of discussion for a while now. The way we live our lives, and our daily routine is exactly what will influence the way we exist on this planet in the future.

It is extremely important how students in college and universities live. Are their ways of life sustainable or ecologically unsustainable?

There are millions of students in the world and if each one of them would make at least one ecologically sustainable decision – it would change the world. Students are the future of our world and the actions they do and bring into adult life are going to be deal-breakers for the planet Earth.

The influence students have on ecology right now

Frankly speaking, we are all aware that the way we live right now is the opposite of ecological sustainability. In the ecosystem of the market economy, it is dedicated that businesses have a surplus. And the surplus is absolutely now connected to ecological sustainability. This and many other suitable topics might pop over to Westward Expansion essays and be relevant and curious to explore. The main point here is that the decisions college students make are influential and their attention absolutely must be brought to ecological sustainability. The ways of life they choose, the occupation they go for, and the new businesses they will establish are everything to the future of our nature. 

Ways for the students to be more ecologically sustainable:

Here are some ways for students to live eco-friendlier lifestyles.

  1. Turn it off if you do not need it. You want to make sure your home is as energy efficient as possible. Conserving energy could be the easiest way to save it. Turn off the light if you are not in the room and especially if you are leaving. Will be beneficial for both the planet and the electricity bills.
  2. Develop eco-friendly technology. This step goes a mile further than the first one, but it might be crucial soon. College is the perfect time to choose or change your specialty. We all know for sure the importance of ecological sustainability and that it will be accurate in the future, so such technologies will be in demand. 
  3. Look for renewable energy. Big changes start with the small things. If there is a choice – choose ecologically. The easiest example would be eclectic cars. It is extremely easy to operate in North America, it consumes less energy and it is much cheaper to maintain. 
  4. Recycle. This is an unbreakable rule we need to get used to from childhood. Many governments like Sweden and Denmark, for instance, are doing a great job of recycling almost 90% of all waste inside the country. This is an incredible example. Recycling might not only help to take care of waste, but also replace some of the energy sources and work for both economic and ecological sustainability. 
  5. No-waste policy. Be careful when you buy things and food. Be sure that it will be consumed and used. Tons of food is being wasted and thrown away every day. And this is the harmful choice we make ourselves every day. 
  6. Reduce plastic usage. Plastic is a well-known enemy of the ecology. Right now there are many alternatives for various products to reduce plastic usage – choose them. If there is no choice and you absolutely must use plastic – reuse. Do not throw it away, think of ways to reduce and then recycle it. 
  7. Plant trees. If you want to do something nice for the planet and be sure you did something great for it today – plant a tree. It doesn’t take a lot of time and resources, but in the future, it will make a huge difference. 
  8. Fly less. With huge competition on the market, flights across the country and abroad became extremely affordable. They are that affordable now that almost everyone can use and might fly even if we do not need to. On the other hand, a flight is one of the most harmful things to nature and the CO2 layer. We have to be responsible and fly less or choose alternative ways of transportation, if possible.

To sum up, we can say without a doubt that the way people live now is most damaging to the ecology. The way the modern economy and society works leads to us running out of natural resources within the next few decades. It is extremely important to talk about it now so our children and grandchildren would have a planet to live on. One of the most influential layers would-be students of course. They are the fresh blood of the society, they bring new ideas and learn how to make our life here more ecologically sustainable. What we need to do is to highlight the issue. I truly believe that students in college can and will make a difference, so we would have a sustainable Earth for a long time.


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