India Boosts Its Solar Industry to Thwart Climate Change



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Climate change has become a huge problem that is affecting every country and species in the world. Almost every country has started taking new initiatives to help slow its progression. India is no exception.

India has a goal of having zero net emissions by 2070. One of the ways that it is doing so is by investing in solar power.

In 2022, India has 63 gigawatts of solar capacity. That figure is projected to rise to 280 gigawatts by 2030.

There are a lot of great solar power companies in India. Many of them are selling their products all over the world, which is helping fight climate change.

India is a growing manufacturing center that attracts corporations from all over the globe to have their solar panel components built. In recent years, solar energy has had a significant impact on India’s energy grid. Millions of people in Indian villages have benefited from solar-powered decentralized and distributed applications that meet their cooking, lighting, and other energy needs in an ecologically friendly way.

In 2023, India surpassed Japan to become the world’s third-largest solar power producer. Solar energy contributed 5.5% worldwide, with India’s output growing dramatically since 2015, showing the country’s commitment to renewable energy development.

In this article, we will look at the top solar panel components manufacturers in India. 

Leading Manufacturers of Solar Panel Components

Vishakha Renewables

Vishakha Renewables is spearheading India’s solar energy boom as the country’s top manufacturer of key solar panel components. When it comes to solar panel materials, they are the best because they are dedicated to turning the sun’s endless energy into clean, pollution-free power.

Vishakha Renewables makes the four components of solar panels that make them last and work well:

Aluminum frames for the sun

Since they are made from quality anodised aluminum, their solar metal frames are very strong and don’t rust or corrode easily. These frames are stable even in difficult situations because they can be used with a lot of different types of solar panels.

Solar Encapsulants

Encapsulants are important for solar cells to work well and last a long time. A mix of silicone, ionomer, polymer, and ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) is used to make encapsulants that are strong, don’t melt, and stick to things well. They keep solar cells from breaking down due to rust and wetness, which extends their life.

Solar Backsheets

Vishakha’s solar backsheets are necessary to protect solar cells from the weather. Materials like PET, PVDF, and PVF are used to make their backsheets, which let a lot of light through, don’t get wet easily, and block UV rays. Due to these features, the panels can withstand bad weather and produce more energy.

Solar Glass

The solar glass they sell is reliable and works well for solar power. This very clear glass makes things stronger, makes maintenance easier, and lets more light through. It’s made from good raw materials like limestone, soda ash, and silica sand. To get the most out of the solar panels, our solar glass has an anti-reflective covering that stops light from reflecting back and lets more sunlight in. Vishakha solar glass is built to last for more than 30 years.

Navitas Solar

With a track record of producing high-efficiency Solar Panel PV Modules spanning more than 30 years, Navitas Solar is at the vanguard of India’s sustainable energy revolution. With a cutting-edge facility that can produce 2 GW of solar power annually, Navitas Solar is dedicated to creating a more sustainable future via the implementation of creative solutions.

In order to maximize the efficiency and lifetime of solar panels, Navitas Solar produces four essential solar panel materials:

Solar Photovoltaic Modules

They provide a variety of solar PV modules that are both efficient and adaptable, such as TOPCon, Polycrystalline, and Mono PERC modules. The N-type TOPCon Bifacial Modules, their most recent invention, are perfect for a variety of uses since each panel can provide up to 720 watts of electricity.

EVA Sheets

Solar panel raw materials such as Navitas Solar’s EVA Sheets are essential. These encapsulants provide complete protection and embed the solar cells, since they are weather- and UV-stable and have great PID resistance.

POE Encapsulant Sheets

POE Encapsulant Sheets are specifically engineered to provide superior insulation and moisture barrier qualities for cells that are sensitive to moisture. Solar panels are made more efficient and last longer using these sheets because they protect them from oxidation and mechanical stress.

Solar EPC Services

From small-scale rooftop installations to massive ground-mounted power generating projects, Navitas Solar offers full Solar EPC Services. Our in-depth understanding of EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) processes guarantees that solar projects are carried out with precision and efficiency, resulting in long-term sustainability.

Solar Smiths

Offering professional consultancy, EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) and O&M (Operations and Maintenance) services, SolarSmith Energy’s broad offering reflects its extensive experience. Their customized solutions serve different market segments and guarantee that every customer gets the best solar energy systems possible.

Residential Sector: SolarSmith offers specialized solar solutions made to suit the unique energy requirements of homeowners, members of residential welfare societies, and occupants of villas, bungalows, and flats.

Public Sector: In SolarSmith, government sector projects looking to learn about the advantages of solar energy or needing to participate in tenders find a trustworthy partner.

Industrial Sector: SolarSmith’s experience with solar energy solutions is available to manufacturers, industrialists, and owners of factories wishing to increase efficiency and cut power use.

Commercial Sector: SolarSmith’s cutting-edge solar solutions may increase the profitability of companies like banks, malls, warehouses, stores, offices, hotels, and guest homes.

Education Sector: Solar systems cool roofs while producing power and are beneficial to schools, colleges, educational institutions, technological centers, and coaching facilities.

Institutional Sector: SolarSmith offers hospitals, medical facilities, ashrams, bhawans, sansthas, registered trusts, NGOs, and societies wishing to engage in solar energy as a complete service provider.

Lucent Clean Energy

Leading the way worldwide in offering the solar photovoltaic (PV) sector premium, reasonably priced materials is Lucent CleanEnergy. Being the first and biggest encapsulant film producer in India, Lucent CleanEnergy’s products are essential to the solar panel components that respectable solar module manufacturers use all over the globe.

They produce two of the following solar panel raw materials:


Widely used encapsulant film TOPEVATM UFC200FB works for thin film and all crystalline silicon solar module designs. It is used on the front and back of solar PV panels. This product has excellent UV yellowing resistance, heat aging resistance, glass and back-sheet adhesion, ultra-high gel content, and low shrinkage. 


TOPEVATM UFC100F is suitable for many thin film and crystalline silicon solar module designs. UV transparent, it’s mostly utilized on solar PV panel fronts. UFC100F shares TOPEVATM films’ superior features, including ultra-high gel content, minimal shrinkage, strong adhesion, high light transmission, and UV yellowing resistance.

Knack Energy PVT LTD

Small at first, Knack Energy Pvt Ltd has expanded to become a major player in the solar energy industry. Having over 40 years of experience, the firm today employs more than 750 people and runs on an infrastructure that is furnished with the newest equipment and technology.

Here are the key solar panel components produced by Knack Energy:

Solar PV Encapsulant

A main offering from Knack Energy is the Solar PV Encapsulant. Being a sealer, this copolymer film is an essential part of solar panels that guarantees their dependability and efficiency. Water and dirt ingress of the solar cells is greatly reduced by the encapsulant.

Solar PV Backsheet

An additional essential part made to shield solar modules from environmental stresses is the Knack Energy Solar PV Backsheet. It protects the modules from heat variations, UV radiation, and light deterioration even in severe weather.


Vishakha Renewables is the greatest of all the outstanding solar energy firms. Leading and exponentially advancing in six distinct verticals in solar manufacturing—, solar renewables, drip irrigation systems and pipes, flexible packaging, industrial material handling, metals, and agricultural solutions—the Vishakha Group is motivated by integrity and principles.

A clear goal drives Vishakha Renewables: to be a worldwide company providing excellent products that promote renewable energy projects, therefore guaranteeing the happiness of both clients and the environment.

Vishakha has set itself an ambitious yet doable goal. In order to contribute to the production of 10 GW of renewable energy by 2027, they intend to produce crucial solar panel components including Solar Aluminium Frames, Solar Encapsulants, Solar Backsheets, and Glass.


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