John Kerry Talks At UN Climate Summit, Christian Aid Respond



Christian Aid’s International Climate Lead, Mohamed Adow, has given the following response to a speech given by US Secretary of State, John Kerry, at the Climate Summit in Marrakech, Christian Aid’s International Climate Lead:

“It’s good to be reminded that within the United States there are people who will still be working hard to maintain the impressive climate leadership America has provided in recent years. We don’t yet know what Donald Trump will do on climate but it’s clear that he’ll face a tough fight both within the US and outside it, if he tries to wreck the planet.

“Kerry was right to remind us that the overwhelming majority of US citizens know that climate change is happening and are committed to seeing America deliver on its commitments. This is the kind of responsible, common sense approach that I hope to see continue from the next US administration.

“John Kerry has done excellent work catalysing international action on climate change and brokering the Paris Agreement. He has helped improve the standing of the US on the global stage and shown that America doesn’t have to be associated with ignorance, pollution and reckless disregard for the environment.

“The United States is more than Donald Trump. States and cities will be looking ensure Trump’s infrastructure plan includes the latest sustainable technology and US firms will be keen to cash in on the international market in low carbon goods.”.


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