TriolCorp Could Be The Next Green Electrical Leader In The Oil Industry



Some industries are more sustainable than others. The oil industry is probably at the bottom of the list. It is one of the leading contributors to global warming. Unfortunately, the carbon footprint is expected to rise 20% by 2020.

However, the third-party companies that the oil industry depends on don’t necessarily shoulder the blame for the oil industry’s large carbon footprint. Some companies are desperately trying to develop new tools that helps increase energy efficiency and minimize the carbon footprint of the oil industry’s operating model.

Triol Corporation is a potential leader in the oil industry, and one of the electrical companies the oil industry works with. It is helping promote sustainability, even if that isn’t the company’s primary goal.

Triol Corporation Could Be A Future Leader in Green Energy – While Serving The Oil Industry

A growing number of scientists are concerned about the impact the oil industry has had on our world. They fear that global warming will come even faster as dependence on oil rises.

Triol Corporation is a well-known player at the industrial technology market with 25-year experience which allows the company to be considered as a provider of time-proven equipment and to gain the trust of customers worldwide. It contributes to development and implementation of innovative solutions and equipment willing to meet various requirements in the most relevant issues resolving. Either it would be challenges in energy efficiency, equipment lifetime extending, machinery functionality improving, or technological processes automation, Triol has unique projects to be evolved for gaining best benefits by all possible types of enterprises.

Triol mostly promotes itself as a leader in developing electrical equipment for the oil industry.  Triol has developed a number of energy efficient products, which are reducing the carbon footprint of oil companies that strive to boost production. This may not have the same benefits as shifting towards green energy, but it will be a decent interim solution while we are still dependent on oil.

While Offering Greener Solutions, Triol’s Mission Is To Offer Better Customer Value

Triol is doing a great job with helping improve the sustainability of the oil industry. However, it is also has a great track record for delivering exceptional customer value.

Triol products are genuinely unique and reveal insights into added functionality of commonly used technologies. For instance, Triol Linear Electric Submersible Pump constitutes an efficient solution for marginal, unconventional and deviated wells with flow up to 250 bpd enabling an increase in oil production rate for up to 130 % comparatively to corresponding equipment, and Triol AK06 PC variable speed drive is a customized solution for progressive cavity pumps distinguishable for its “Pick-up” mode and recuperation function, with this equipment a possibility of a backward descent of a fluid column is excluded. But not only the Triol hardware is impressive, the Manufacturer introduces up-to-date software solutions, such as Triol ITA, that enables remote monitoring and control for distantly located facilities and creating a single integrated information system, which greatly simplifies data management and equipment maintenance.

High-Quality Execution for Continuous Utilization

Triol puts a special emphasize on a constant modernization of its equipment in order to provide only advances solutions meeting all progressive requirements and exceeding the current demand in the field. Tellingly, even discontinued Triol products proceed to operate at Customers’ sites while providing an essential profit to their businesses. Despite the fact that some products have undergone a modernization performed by the manufacturer, Triol Clients prefer not to quit their utilizing because those products still operate smoothly even though 18-year period of their utilization in particularly aggressive environment and continuous mode has expired. Triol Corporation succeeds in a combination of traditions and innovations, which allows it to build excellent and innovative solutions on the basis of its best time-proven practices.

Aftersales Services for Support and Assistance

In addition, Triol Corporation provides to its Customers 24/7 technical support for every product under its brand. This comprises a warranty and a post-warranty maintenance and assistance during the whole period of equipment lifetime. Service technicians of the Company are always willing to share their experience and execute training of Customers’ personnel. Triol Corporation declares its devotion to advanced technologies, supreme quality, and superior service, by means of which it achieves new horizons and promotes new opportunities for its Partners and Customers incessantly. Triol could be the next green electrical leader in the oil industry. The oil industry needs to be made greener. Triol has developed a number of electrical solutions that will help.


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