According To Transport Charity M4 Plans A Backward Step, Not Taking Wales Forward



Following the publication of the Welsh Government programme ‘Taking Wales Forward’, which includes a commitment to deliver an M4 relief road, Campaign for Better Transport have responded ahead of an enquiry.

James MacColl, Head of Campaigns, said:

“We welcome the commitment to vital public transport investment, particularly in buses, which are the most used form of public transport and the most at threat from loss of funding. But it is disappointing this is undermined by retaining plans for the M4 relief road, prejudging the independent inquiry which has not yet taken place.”

We welcome the commitment to vital public transport investment

James MacColl continued:

“A new motorway across the Gwent Levels would be hugely expensive in both financial and environmental terms, and its construction would take Wales backward not forward. Committing over £1bn of funding to just 24km of road, at a time when the First Minister is warning that cuts elsewhere are inevitable, risks starving the rest of Wales’ transport system of essential investment.”



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