Eco Fashion Week underway in Canada



National Ethical Investment Week might be dominating the headlines this week, but over in Canada, there’s another sustainability-centred event taking place: Eco Fashion Week.

Taking place in Vancouver, the world’s top ethical designers will be in attendance, and with a week’s worth of chic garments to peruse and admire, this year’s show marks a fifth season of success.

Highlights in 2012 include designer collections from Atlier B and Thrift Chic, alongside a whole day of re-inspiration with the signature romantic style of Kim Cathers working with Value Village.

Kicking off with the Nicole Bridger runway show guests will be treated to the first peak of her fall/winter 2012 collection, ‘Kali’, beautifully choreographed by Heather Lauren Gray. Hootsuite vice president Dave Olson shall also be lending a few inspiring words for the occasion, no doubt drawing experience from the success of his entrepreneurial venture into eco-bags and fashion.

The week-long event aims to educate and impress, helping to stimulate growth in sustainable practices for the fashion industry.

People don’t know the details“, Eco Fashion Week founder, Myriam Laroche, told Canadian magazine bcliving.

When they think eco fashion, they think ‘organic cotton’. And that’s fine, to start… but what about the way the cotton is dyed and processed? What about wastage in fabric? We need to continue to explore ways to make clothes in a truly eco-friendly way.”

Laroche came up with the event in 2009, drawing on her experiences as both a serial shopper and designer.

I started asking myself, ‘Why do I need so much? How can I make a difference doing what I love?'”

It was this passion that pushed her to look at the world of vintage fashion and learn to restyle pieces to create contemporary looks. Her own vintage line, Myriam’s Closet, is based upon reworked vintage finds, and creating unique pieces for her clientele.

As the third most environmentally-damaging industry in the world, it’s events like Vancouver’s Eco Fashion Week that promote the right course of action for long-term viability. Running twice a year, it attracts over 2,000 global guests, not to mention a savvy turnout of media attendees, and so is not to be mocked.

We’ve ditched the hippie stigmas and sartorial visions of sustainability and fashion“, reads the event’s official website.

If you’re looking for granola and hemp, you’ll have to check the snack bar.”

The event started yesterday and runs until Friday, October 19.

Joanna Keeton is in the final year of an advertising and PR degree at the University of Lincoln. She has a keen interest in pursuing a career in journalism and events, and has a passion for travel and writing.

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