#GE2015: Will Northern Ireland Vote for Policies?



We take our daily look at the position of constituencies in Vote for Policies excellent election policy-matching tool. They have recently released the policies of Northern Ireland party policies and have gathered 383 surveys so far. This compares to 648,000 in England, 32,000 in Scotland and 27,000 in Wales. C’mon Northern Ireland.

Due to the delay in getting policies from the Northern Ireland parties, these constituencies have the lowest participation. You can still participate here.

The state of the parties in Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, the Ulster Unionists and Alliance in the lead. DUP and Sinn Fein trail the rest.

The state of the parties in England 

In England, Labour and Greens in the lead. Conservatives and UKIP trail the rest.

The state of the parties in Scotland

In Scotland, the Scottish Green and SNP lead. UKIP and Conservatives trail the rest.

The state of the parties in Wales

In Wales, Labour and Greens lead. Plaid Cymru (the Party of Wales) and Conservatives trail rest.

The state of the parties in the UK

Across the UK, Labour, Greens and LibDems take the top three slots.

The state of the party policies nationally

Health, Education and the Economy lead the issues, with Labour, Lib Dems and Labour leading respectively. Foreign Policy/Defence, Europe and Democracy are the least voted on issues, with UKIP, Labour and Lib Dems leading respectively.

Highest participation constituencies

You can still see which party’s policies most matches your own views by using the Vote for Policies survey here, or see your local Vote for Policies results here.

To see the how parties are doing by policy across the country take a look here.

To see the newly released Guide to Sustainable Democracy, click here.

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