SIF Host Cultural Finance and Sustainability Review



“I soldi che fanno la felicità” is a short review of cultural events on finance and sustainabilty promoted by the Italian SIF (Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile) and Associazione Hendel.

The initiative is aimed at communicating to a wider public in a more simple and understandable way financial concepts that may sound complex – with a clear focus on sustainability – through expression languages such as theatre and music.

The second edition of the review will take place on November 2016 in Milan, coinciding with the fifth edition of the Italian SRI Week, the most important event in Italy on sustainable finance.

This year the review is supported by Fondazione Cariplo, Allianz, BNP Paribas Investment Partners, Fondo Morosini, Generali Assicurazioni, Mainstreet Partners and Gruppo Unipol and is organized in collaboration with Borsa Italiana, Palazzina Liberty in Musica, La Risonanza e MyNoiLab Share&Act, under the patronage of Comune di Milano.
In continuity with the first edition, the calendar includes two concerts – dedicated to the great baroque repertoire of Bach, Handel, Lully and Couperin and featuring reflections on finance and sustainability – and two theatrical performaces.

With the conference-show “Some Like It Hot”, Stefano Caserini (Climate Change Mitigation Professor at Politecnico di Milano), accompanied by the jazz pianist Erminio Cella, will share with the public a reflection on an urgent question such as climate change, focusing on how our everyday actions are affecting the environment.

Alma Rosé with its “Fabricas” will bring the audience to Argentina, between the factories recovered by workers after the economic crisis, to discover new forms of civil resistance and community economy. The show will be hosted at BASE Milano, the new cultural center in Milan born in the former Ansaldo factory.



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