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10 Delightful Ways To Bring Nature To Your Home



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The benefits of spending time in nature are well-documented, including lower rates of depression and lower feelings of anxiety. But in today’s busy world, spending time in nature can seem like one more thing on an already full to-do list. If you live in a city and don’t have a yard of your own or a park nearby, it can seem even more impossible.

If you can’t go to nature, give yourself some of the same benefits by bringing it to you. Incorporating nature into your home doesn’t have to be expensive, and it may give you more positive feelings and a sense of groundedness as you spend time indoors. There are several items that can be added to your existing decor to pull in nature and give you a sense of peace and calm.

Fresh herb garden

An indoor herb garden can lend a natural aroma to your kitchen, as well as providing herbs for cooking. Herbs are easy to grow and require only a bit of sun and water, making them both natural and completely practical. Having an herb garden on hand saves you money and encourages you to cook at home more often too.

Air plant

If you’d like a plant but aren’t quite sure where to put it, an air plant may be just the thing you’re looking for. These little plants don’t need soil; instead they gather their nutrients from the air around them. They require only a bit of indirect sunlight and occasional spritzing with a water bottle. They can be nestled into existing decorations and bring a bit of life to dull corners.


Water is life, and incorporating a water feature into your home is an easy way to bring nature inside. These stunning fountains from Outdoor Art Pros are beautiful ways to incorporate a water feature to the inside or the outside of your home.

Natural placemats

Placemats made of natural fibers such as jute, rattan, or bamboo add elements of nature to your dining room table. Placemats are both inexpensive and functional, and are an item that you can easily change to match the current season.

Natural rugs

Natural fiber rugs are relatively inexpensive and can go along with nearly any style. They make a room feel more comfortable and inviting too. They are available in any size and shape so you’re sure to find something that will be exactly the size you’re looking for.

Found items for decorating

If you have the chance to go for a walk in a park or even while you’re on vacation, see if you can find some interesting pieces of wood, rocks, shells, or other natural items. These could be grouped into a shallow ceramic dish or placed in a vase to add texture and natural elements to your decor.

Natural motifs on fabrics

Fabrics with natural motifs such as flowers, leaves, water, or other natural elements printed on them can easily add a touch of nature to your home. A throw pillow, hand towel, or other small fabric items with this type of printing bring a subtle addition of nature to your home.


Whether you enjoy the smooth, round, earthy tones of river rock or the stunning vibrancy of geodes, rocks are a sturdy way to add natural elements to your home. Use them in clear vases, in a bowl, or slices of geodes can even be used to display or as coasters.


Decorating with seashells is a popular way to give your home the breezy, sunny feel of a gorgeous beach. There are so many ways to decorate with shells, you’re sure to find something you love! Whether you buy shells or find them, making your own home decor with shells is a satisfying way to put those items to good use.

Photos of nature scenes

Photos or realistic paintings of nature scenes on your wall are a beautiful way to bring nature in. Pick a scene that depicts your favorite park or vacation spot, or a place you wish you could visit. Whether it’s a waterfall, a beach scene, or a mysterious looking forest, the options here are endless.

All of us can benefit from spending more time in nature. Natural items inside your home can help you enjoy nature even when you can’t get outside. By bringing nature into your home you can add to your own style and express yourself while making your home more eco-friendly and  more inviting for guests.


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