Choosing the Right Windows for your Home



If you are considering replacing your old windows, there is more to consider than just picking any window. You must also consider if the windows will compliment your home, including the style and design. It is best when you are looking for Toronto windows is to ensure you use a company with experience and eye for style.

Types of Windows

Casement Windows

This style of window close easy and open wide so you can actually choose the amount of air flow you want to enter the room. Many choose these windows as they let in more light for kitchens and living rooms and look great with other style windows you may choose.

Single Hung Windows

This may be the most popular window in the area as it is very durable and is sealed very well so you will not have drafts or your heat or air will not seep out.

This means it will save you money. These windows are often used nearby porches, patios, or small rooms.

Double Hung Windows

These are similar to single hung windows with the major difference being that with these the sashes of the windows will move fully down or up. This allows more airflow as both sashes can open. These windows also compliment your home and can be used with most style homes and even looks nice with other window choices as well.

Awning Windows

These windows are perfect that might need more ventilation than other rooms in the home such as a loft, basement or kitchen, as they allow airflow and of course more light in these rooms. These windows truly give your home that “awe” look.

Single Slider Windows

Since these windows slide sideways you can choose to open them half way or only allow a small crack. These windows look awesome in new homes as well as older homes and go well with any style of home from modern to country.

Double Slider Windows

These are similar to single slider windows only that you have two windoes side by side allowing more sun and air to enter the room. Since the window slides it makes it much easier to open than the crank style.

Bay Windows

Bay windows add a touch of elegance to any home no matter the style. These windows have at least three windows or more. The larger window will be in the center and farther out than the smaller windows on both sides. The curved panels will certainly draw attention to your home or give you the perfect place to see the pond or garden outside.

Bow Windows

These windows are very close to bay windows except that the four glass plates are the same size but they do curve outward like bay windows. These windows also add grace and elegance to any home.


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