Christmas Is A Time For Giving, Eating And Waste



Christmas is a time for giving, eating, and spending time with friends and family, and with that in mind, it is expected that the average family will spend up to £800 on Christmas this year.

With so much gorging, drinking, shopping and visiting going on, there’s no doubt that Christmas forms one of the most expensive couple of weeks of the year.

But aside from raising bills, both usual and festive, the Christmas season also puts a great amount of strain on the environment.

According to research by Business Waste.Trade, seasonal Christmas habits lead to a greater amount of food, electronic, battery, and paper and cardboard waste.

For example, did you know that each year we throw away roughly 227,000 miles of wrapping paper? Or that Christmas tree lights can fill three medium sized balloons if left on for the average time of ten hours?

Find out more about the environmental impact of Christmas below:

The true cost of Christmas


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