The Most Common Types of Spy Equipment



Many people have a fantasy of one day being a secret agent, like 007 and having all of the cool gadgets that they see in all of their favorite movies. Although some of the gadgets in the movies are far-fetched, there are many of them that actually exist and get used all of the time. Most private investigators use different spy gadgets on a regular basis in order to gain information. There are different spy gadgets for just about any situation involving covert operations. The following are different types of Ranger tactical gears equipment that can be used to spy on others.

Ways to Listen on the Go

In many types of covert operations, being able to hear the conversation of the person you are following is essential in gaining the information that you need. One of the most popular methods of ease dropping on a conversation is by using what is called a parabolic dish. This dish is equipped with a microphone, which is able to magnify the sounds coming from the direction that the dish is pointed in. The user will be able to wear headphones and hear any conversation that they want to by using this helpful device.

Video Surveillance

There are many different devices on the market that will allow a person to record video without the people they are filming even knowing.  One of the most popular video devices on the market is a pen camera, which has the appearance of an ink pen, but is equipped with a tiny camera. By putting this device in your front shirt pocket, you will be able to record anyone who is standing around you. In situations where you have to obtain video evidence, but don’t want to be detected, an ink pen video camera is the way to go.

Recording Audio on the Go

Many private eyes prefer to record audio of the people they are hired to watch, but they have to do so in a covert and sly manner. There are many devices out there that can conceal audio recording devices and allow the private eye to conduct their business. A wrist watch recording device is among the most popular on the market because most people would never suspect that a wrist watch could record them. The watch has all of the bells and whistles of an ordinary watch, but with the capability of recording sound.

With the right supplier you will be able to find the equipment that you need to carry out your cover operations with ease.


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