Ethical retailer of the week: Creative Nature



Creative Nature produces organic, ethically sourced ‘superfoods’, promoting healthy eating and wellbeing, as well as environmentally friendly and ethical practices.

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Superfoods are increasingly popular foods, such as goji berries, hemp, quinoa or chia seeds, thought to have particular health benefits.

Creative Nature products include goods made of hemp, acai, wheatgrass, guarana, maca powder and spirulina. The company also suggests some recipes based on such foods.

Founded six years ago, the company is certified vegan and organic and sources its raw material directly from farmers.

In addition to offering healthy, sustainably sourced and ethically traded nutritious food, the company also places the environment at the heart of its operations, to trying ‘reconnect’ people with nature.

As the company states on its website, “Creative Nature believes that the planet provides us with all we need to live successful, wealthy and healthy lives.  And through the provision of educational information and guidance on the use of natural plant products and foods, that we can reconnect people with nature, encourage and empower them to accept responsibility for their own health, thoughts and actions, and thus increase the overall health and wellbeing of both the planet and its people.”

Creative Nature packages are 100% recyclable. The company’s Organic Peruvian Cacao Nibs was awarded Best Organic Product in 2007, while its 38g Super food bars was a finalist at the Innovation Awards in 2013.


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