Ethical retailer of the week: Nomads



Nomads produces ethical and fairtrade clothes, which combine a modern design and traditional crafting skills of India.

Nomads was founded in the 1980s thanks to Duncan and Vicky, who decided to spend their last backpackers’ money on a pile of Indian clothes to be sold in the UK.

They went back to India, strengthened by the success that the clothes had had in the UK and decided to set up a business, inspired by the colours and materials discovered during their journey. Their clothes have now conquered a market slice in the UK.

Nomads has a focus on sustainability, ensuring that its workers in India have the best life and working conditions possible. Employees are paid in advance, at or above the national average, are given holidays and safe working conditions. In addition, it ensures that none under 16 is employed and that women and men have equal opportunities.

The company also works with remote villages to promote traditional crafts and ensure they are kept alive, while working with communities in rural areas to improve their living conditions.

Nomads has also put efforts in making its clothes more sustainable towards the environment. It has increased the range of organic cotton clothes and it recycles waste fabric from the factory to produce bags and rugs. It uses 95% natural fibres and non-toxic dyes.

Nomads is a member of the British Association of Fairtrade Shops (BAFTS), which recognises the company as “a fair trade online shop who are engaged actively in supporting producers, raising awareness and campaigning for changes in the rules and practices of conventional international trade”.



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