Fair Tuesday: alternative to Black Friday and Cyber Monday encourages sustainable spending



Following two of the year’s busiest shopping days – the consumerism-driven Black Friday and Cyber Monday – is Fair Tuesday, an initiative to promote responsible and sustainable spending that benefits the environment and communities.

Retailers in the US and the UK offered discounts and deals to customers beginning their Christmas shopping on Black Friday. Meanwhile on Cyber Monday, they did the same online, with thousands of pounds spent every minute with internet-based stores.

Social enterprises called on customers to “buy social from small firms that have positive impacts on society, as part of Cyber Monday.

But as an antidote to the two, Tuesday has been transformed into a day for ethical businesses to promote their goods. Fair Tuesday is an initiative that promotes responsible and ethical spending, inviting shoppers to buy fair trade and eco-friendly products.

NGO Global Goods Partners launched the event in 2012 as a responsible alternative to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Over its short lifespan, Fair Tuesday says it has reached over 3 million people and managed to involve 135 partners across 13 countries. The businesses involved sell food and drink products, as well as clothing and beauty items that help improve the lives of disadvantaged communities or have a positive impact on the environment.

With Christmas approaching, Fair Tuesday offers some interesting ideas for sustainable gifts. Even more ideas are available in Blue & Green Tomorrow’s latest guide, The Guide to Sustainable Spending 2013, which looks at sustainable products and companies in the food, beauty, fashion, technology and transport sectors.

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