Go Green with Your Furniture



If saving the planet is top on your priority list then you you will want to consider purchasing furniture which is made of material that is one hundred percent natural, made from recycled materials or completely biodegradable.

Keep in mind that it is important to have your priorities weighed out before you begin shopping green. Are you sensitive to chemicals? If this or other factors are in play, then you want to look for furniture which uses less amounts of bonding agents and whose formaldehyde content is minimum.

Once you know exactly why you want to purchase green furniture there are three tips and pointers which may help you out:

  1. Recycling and Reusing is Smart

Recycling is an important aspect when it comes to being ecologically smart, every day there is much waste dumped on our beautiful planet so why not put it to use. There is no reason to toss it out just because it is not natural, it already exists, and it has been converted from its original natural state into whatever it is at the moment.

By keeping it around and using it again you are helping improve the current situation. Although our recycling skills are quite advanced if we are not actually using these recycled materials they end up where they always do, accumulating in a dump area or worse yet floating around the ocean.

Another sound ecological choice is using antiques — the length of life is a crucial side of being green. Antiques are generally well cared for being as from generation to generation these pieces have been valued. Being able to get your hands on a prized heirloom is a great aspect of recycling. It is a smart choice to save up for a more unique pieces of furniture that are not only higher quality but their beauty is something that generation to generation will appreciate as opposed to investing in cheap purchases. Look here for instance and see what we’re on about

  1. Look for Materials Which Are Not Toxic and are Sustainable

When purchasing furniture made out of new wood it is important to inquire s the wood used has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council or not. This means that the wood was harvested in a sustainable manner and that the chain of control has been properly documented.

As far as the health and environmental impacts are concerned you should also consider wood finishes, batting, fire retardants, adhesives, fabric used to upholster as well as coatings used to waterproof and prevent soil damage.

This may seem a bit overwhelming and as if there are so many aspects to take into consideration but for the most part companies which are green or Eco friendly have generally already seen to these concerns even if it is through their thought processes if not via their products, they are able to address these issues in with you in an intelligent manner.

  1. Keep the Chain of Production in Mind

Keep in mind that the people manufacturing these materials and products are affected by the decisions you make. Although relatively harmless by the time synthetic materials such as adhesives they have been quite toxic during the process of cultivation and or manufacturing. A perfect example of this is cotton which is conventionally grows, although this only represents six to ten percent of the crops worldwide the amount of fertilizers herbicides and pesticides used on the crop represents thirty-five to forty percent worldwide. Most cotton fabrics such as upholstery, linens, clothing and even bedding are made this way.

As more and more people begin to purchase and the demand for organically grown cotton which is untreated as well as other fibers agricultural practices which are harmful will have no other choice than to find a more sustainable way to produce. With a more consumer demand the prices of sustainably grown and manufactured fibers will become lower. This is not only good for mother earth but for you, your family and even those harvesting these fibres.

I find that much like a healthy diet adding environmentally friendly and green furniture into your home it is a healthy choice. Organic, untreated pieces which are made with natural materials are better for you, mother earth and those manufacturing these products.


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