Why Natural Ingredients Are Better For Your Skin and Actually Work



Wake up. Hop in the shower. Wash and condition hair. Add some soapy suds to your body. Hop out. Slather on moisturizer and lotion. Begin makeup routine… And the steps go on and on. How many products are involved in each step of your daily routine? And how many ingredients are in each product? And do you know if those ingredients are safe?

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and it acts as a barrier to the daily toxins of the world. When you slather toxic ingredients onto your skin, you’re interrupting your skin’s ability to renew itself and defend from environmental damage. The wrong ingredients on your skin do your body a huge disservice.

In many cases, natural ingredients are the safest option for your skincare. But not all natural ingredients are created equal — and some can even cause harm. Learn the benefits of natural ingredients for your skin, and how to make sure you’re choosing the right ones.

Natural Ingredients Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Natural ingredients can heal your skin, both internally and externally. When natural ingredients like vitamin C are absorbed into the skin, they can increase collagen production, improve oxygen and blood flow to the skin, and repair free radical damage. This results in an appearance with fewer fine lines and wrinkles, tighter skin, and protection from the elements.

Natural Ingredients Are Often Gentler

Typical skin care products use fillers that aren’t necessary. These can irritate the skin or hair, and may cause damage over the long term. Many natural products, on the other hand, are gentler over time because they avoid those unnecessary fillers. You end up with healthier skin in the end.

Sensitive Skin Responds Better to Natural Ingredients

If you have sensitive skin, you may face unpleasant, painful, or itchy results when you use products containing chemicals. Natural ingredients tend to be less abrasive and more soothing.

A More Beautiful (and Safe) Scent

Conventional products rely on chemically-produced scents to cover up the chemical smells of the ingredients in the product. Some people are actually too sensitive to the many chemical smells. Natural products, instead, smell like the ingredients that are used to create them.

Less Concern Over Side Effects

Conventionally-produced health and beauty products use parabens as a preservative. These synthetic parabens mimic your body’s natural hormones, and there simply isn’t enough research to show if this is safe or not. Natural products, on the other hand, use natural preservatives that don’t cause concern about harming your body.

Environmentally Friendly

Conventional products not only add chemicals to your skin and body, but they also contribute to a negative environmental impact as the chemicals from the products are released into the air, water, and more.

So which natural products do the best work in the safest way?

Beta Carotene

Beta carotene really shines in the healing wounds department. In addition, it helps to protect your skin from sun damage, while encouraging cell turnover. When you use a skin care product with beta carotene (or vitamin A), you’re providing antioxidant benefits to your skin. These benefits can even improve discoloration due to melasma.

Green Tea Extract

As a drink, green tea extract provides antioxidant benefits. Applied topically, the ingredient provides anti-inflammatory benefits as well as preventing and reversing sun damage to your skin.

Vitamin C

Collagen production slows down as we age, and certain vitamins, like vitamin C, helps in collagen synthesis. This means that products with vitamin C will help your skin to appear firmer and smoother. The ingredient can even lighten dark spots, prevent acne, and decrease inflammation.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals, which provides protection from UV rays. When used in products, this powerful vitamin is also responsible for helping your skin retain its own natural moisture, helps with cell regeneration, improves collagen production, and treats current wrinkles.

Read the Labels

With so many options available for skin care products, it’s important to read the labels. Find products with these powerful natural ingredients to not only beautify your skin, but to heal and protect it as you age.




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