How is Parrot Print helping the environment?



Parrot Print is a printing company that is becoming popular with those looking to print high quality photos and keep them in a personalised manner on a canvas, perfect for hanging on the wall of your home for a personal touch. One thing that Parrot Print do provide is a more environmentally friendly approach when it comes to their printing, which can help to not only improve customer experience but also help the environment in the long run.


When it comes to Parrot Print canvases, all of their materials are natural products, from the canvas itself to the frame. The canvas is stretched over European pine frames, which are environmentally sustainable while still providing a high quality look ensuring the canvas print will last a lifetime. The canvases at Parrot Print are made using cotton or linen showing just how natural a product these canvases are. These are then tightly woven in order to provide the perfect base for printed images, and also provide a greener impact than simple printed glossy photographs made for albums. On top of this, these canvases are much easier to breakdown when the user throws it away making them far more environmentally sustainable.


One of the ways that Parrot Print is helping the environment is through the use of a courier that can do multiple trips rather than sending out the canvas with a separate courier. Through the use of Parcelforce 24, not only is their customer experience greatly improved due to the next day delivery on all orders placed before 12pm, there is also a great deal of sustainability when using a courier rather than driving the orders themselves. This will allow a cut down in the emissions from two separate vehicles as couriers can take a multitude of packages to one area.

Work & Home Environment

You’ll be amazed at how easily a large canvas photo print can transform a work or home environment, by providing a bit of colour, a memory on the wall, or simply icons and typography that can inspire people in the room. In the workplace environment this can be particularly important. On top of this, these types of canvases can help to display any products or services suitable for any clients, customers or investors who may be entering the workplace, or could simply support a staff or family culture by increasing engagement and developing a culture of milestones or events on the walls. This is a great way to really increase productivity particularly in a work environment.

In a home environment however, a printed canvas can provide a wall of memories or events which can truly provoke emotions and develop a family like feel in the home. The home environment is an important thing to keep intact and a printed family photo on a canvas may be able to calm any hostile family moments that can occur. The work and home environment can be easily influenced by something as simple as a photo canvas and can provide a familiar environment that you may want to show off to family and friends.



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