Huge Steps Gaming Sites Can Take to Slash their Carbon Footprint



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Gaming websites have a greater impact on climate change than most of them would like to admit. They need to be proactive about cutting their carbon footprint to minimize the amount of carbon emissions that they leave behind.

Slowing the progression of climate change in the digital gaming industry

Climate activist have talked extensively about different causes of global warming. Many of the problems are obvious and receive a lot of attention, such as the growing reliance on fossil fuels and other fuel that has a devastating impact on the environment. However, some causes of climate change are also very significant, but don’t get nearly as much publicity.

The Internet is a prime example. According to a study by the Boston consulting Group, the Internet accounts for about one billion tons of carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases every year. This figure is growing steadily as more parts of the world have access to the Internet and people in developed countries spend a greater amount of time online.

Online businesses that are serious about fighting climate change need to come to terms with their contribution. They need to realize that running a website leaves a large carbon footprint. Fortunately, there are a lot of steps that they can take to minimize their role in the global warming crisis.

Gaming websites need to be especially conscious about this. They receive more online traffic than almost all other industries. They need to take sensible measures to cut their carbon footprint.

Consider using a green hosting provider

Gaming website operators might be surprised to hear that a lot of hosting providers are going green. HostGator is a prime example. In fact, this hosting company let the effort in eco-friendly website hosting over a decade ago.

In 2008, HostGator began using wind power to run its servers. It was able to do this by purchasing renewable energy credits worth 130% of the power that they needed to run in cool there’s surfers. They were able to significantly reduce their carbon footprint and 1.3 million eco-friendly businesses got on board. Sites like Playamo.com are making a big difference in reducing their carbon footprint with these types of hosting options.

Gaming website operators should consider these benefits more than many other industries. Since they have such a large number of customers, they could make a significant difference switching to an eco-friendly option.

Use CO2stats.com

Mashable recommends using CO2stats.com. This is a great site that helps other websites offset their carbon omissions. This site offers a green website certification, which encourages websites to be more energy efficient. It also helps negate your carbon footprint.

Offer incentives to customers that follow eco-friendly practices

There are a number of ways that businesses can incentivize customers to leave greener lifestyles. Gaming websites should consider doing something along these lines.

They could consider offering various promotions, such as matching 100% of the first $50 of their next deposit. Customers might need to show proof that they have engaged in eco-friendly behavior to qualify for this offering.

Minimize the content on your website

Large websites are going to take a lot longer to load. This means that they are also going to put more strain on the hosting server, which is going to require more energy. This in turn means that they are going to leave a larger carbon footprint.

There are a lot of good reasons to reduce the amount of content on the website. They will make sure that it loads more quickly, which will help with the user experience. However, it is also going to be better for the environment.

Digital gaming companies must make owning an eco-friendly website a priority

There are a lot of changes that could be made to reduce the global carbon footprint. However, many of them are not given as much attention as they need. Gaming websites must come to terms with their contribution to global warming. The good news is that there are a lot of steps that they can take to minimize their impact on the environment.


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