Subtle Ways to Lessen Your Environmental Impact in the Home



Green living and sustainability is a topic that has gained a lot of heat and debate over the last decade or so. As technology increases, world population continues to grow, and resources get used with little thought as to if and when they’re going to run out. Until recently, that is.

The reality of the matter started catching up with people when they realized that the track of the world as a whole in regards to industrialization and the rate at which it’s using natural resources is something that is more frightening than exciting. Natural resources are getting used up much faster than they can be created. Not only this, but man is really good at creating products that don’t cooperate with the natural biology of the earth itself.

Plastic doesn’t decompose. Aerosol cans are literally erasing the ozone layer. Toxic waste is infiltrating the water supply. The world is sick, and the cycle must not only be reversed, it must be reversed with passion, and urgency. While companies need to get on track to make their impact on the environment less, you can actually help by doing subtle things in your own home.

Avoid Bleach and Harmful Detergents

Bleach is a chemical that is harmful to everything. It might make your sheets white and it might make your teeth white, but not only will it strip your teeth of needed enamel to keep them strong, it will do the same thing to the fibers of your sheets and clothing. Bleach kills colonies of bacteria, and bacteria is just what the world needs to function.

When you use bleach as well as chemically laden detergents  in the wash, it is automatically infiltrated into the water supply. These chemicals are very hard to get out of the water supply, as it requires a chemical breakdown and separation of the substances themselves to get the water back to its natural H2O form. This is an expensive process that often gets passed over due to this fact. In short-cut the bleach. It does nobody any good.

Use a Tote For Groceries

This is probably the simplest thing you can do in your day to day life to lessen your impact on the environment. SImply stop using plastic and paper bags every time you go to the store. Plastic bags are a huge culprit for the plastic epidemic in the world. Bags and water bottles. They end up in the ocean and they end up killing animals and wreaking havoc on the world as a biological whole.

Get yourself a tote to do all of your shopping. It’s so simple. One bag to use over and over again. Not only will you be saving the environment, you’ll also change your shopping habits to only buy as much food or other items as you can fit in the tote at a time. It literally doesn’t get easier than this step in your life.

Start with these two changes and see how you feel. Once you’ve completed them, move onto the next step. Your minor changes will inspire your friends to do better, and they’ll inspire their friends. See? Change begins with you.


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