Sustainable Flooring For Your Hallway: Are You Doing It Right?



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Green homes are more in demand than ever. The U.S. Green Building Council estimates that by the end of this year, 40% of all homes will be green and 84% of newly constructed homes will have sustainable features. This figure is much higher than anyone estimated even a few years ago.

However, while the fact that green housing is in high demand is encouraging, modernizing and constructing a green home is far from easy. You need to understand the different facets of your home and make sure all improvements are as green as possible. Otherwise, you might not be able to market your home as being sustainable.

Creating sustainable flooring is especially important.

Understanding the Future of Green Flooring

As a home owner or a seller in the real estate business, the aesthetics and durability of home flooring is always a matter of concern. Green homes should have flooring that isn’t just made from sustainable materials, but is also designed to last as long as possible to minimize material waste. You ought to be on the lookout for better ways to improve the flooring of a home whether you live in it or you’re involved in selling it.

That’s why hallway flooring should be one of your prime priorities. Flooring in the home should connect seamlessly from the hallway all through to all the rooms. Here are some things you need to know.

Hallway Flooring: Why is it a Big Deal?

Most people are skeptical about including the hallway when installing wood flooring in a home. This stems up from their insecurities about the rate at which the hallway will tear because it’s actually the reception point into the house and is subjected to all manner of stress and dirt.

Inasmuch as your worries make sense, the agents of wear and tear can always be kept in check. Furthermore, the pros of having wood flooring for your hallway far outweigh the cons.

Hallway flooring forms the basis of how the entire wood flooring in the house should be done. In fact, for straightness and seamless connectivity of the flooring, it’s recommended to begin installing the flooring from the hallway. That’s why it shouldn’t be an afterthought but an integral part in flooring the home.

If the wood floor is done haphazardly from the hallway, chances are that the entire flooring will be a flop. When you start flooring from a bigger room in the house, always bear in mind the direction of the hallway as this will prove useful in case you decide to do flooring in future.

Before You Go Ahead, Remember This:

Flooring is always pegged on the underfloor heating.

In case you have an underfloor heating system, you need to exercise caution on the type of wood flooring to install.

Engineered wood is the best fit to install in a hallway that has under floor heating. For a normal floor, solid wood is recommended.

Always keep in mind the thickness of the wood to be used in the flooring process. Thickness largely depends on the size of traffic or amount of weight the flooring will have to bear.

It isn’t enough on its own

At this point, you are free to revisit your initial fears, but we’ll quickly dispel them.

The buck doesn’t stop with the flooring. A few other post-flooring steps are necessary to ensure attractiveness and durability of the hallway floor. Routine cleaning, using doormats and avoiding unnecessary pressure on the flooring will certainly help. In case you have pets, always ensure that their paws are cleaned and their claws clipped. That’s how you’ll be able to keep the agents of wear and tear in check and maintain the aesthetics and durability of your flooring for years.

At this point, it’s clear that hallway flooring is as crucial as room flooring and should never be ignored during wood flooring.

Final Thoughts: Get the Right Flooring for Your Green Home

Getting the right flooring for a green home is very important. Sustainable flooring can make a huge difference in ensuring that your home is good for the environment and keeps your carbon footprint low. In addition to making sure that it is designed from sustainable materials, you also want to make sure that it lasts as long as possible.


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