Why Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Is Essential For Your Pets



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Every homeowner must think about every product they use at home, especially home cleaning products. This is because many products have chemicals that are dangerous to health and the environment. According to studies, many cleaning products cause irritations to eyes and throat and some even cause cancer. They also leech into the ground, which can harm plant and animal life in the surrounding environment.

Finding the best eco-friendly products for cleaning the house is essential to ensure the safety of your family, your pets, and the environment. It is crucial that you keep your pets safe and healthy. If you know that a particular product is not safe around people, then it’s not safe to use around pets as well. You also don’t want to release those chemicals into the environment.

Finding the Right Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

You need to know which cleaning products are dangerous for the environment. The EPA warns that phosphorous, nitrogen and ammonia are the worst for the environment, due to their volatility. If they aren’t good for the environment, then they are not good for your pets either.

When it comes to cleaning your house, make sure you don’t expose your pets to anything that can hurt them. Choose eco-friendly cleaning products as possible. Not only are they better for the environment, but they are safer for your pets as well.

Based on surveys, chemical household products are among the biggest causes of death for pets at home. Animals are more exposed to cleaning products than people, because they are closer to the ground where there are dust particles that contains toxins that come from cleaning products. Dogs are especially sensitive to them. Since they spend most of their time on the floor, the chemical of a floor cleaner can burn your dog’s feet. To be extra safe, it’s worth considering a pet plan like Bivvy, that will ensure you’re prepared for any emergencies.

How Do You Know if Cleaning Products are Good for Your Pets and the Environment?

You need to inspect cleaning products carefully. Many cleaning products are labeled as being green and eco-friendly, but still contains toxins for pets. They aren’t perfect for the environment either.

Amy Rhys-Davies from Cambridge wrote an insightful guide for Science Focus on the impact of cleaning products on the environment. She points out that it is important to find cleaning agents with few phosphates. There are other factors that need to be evaluated as well.

You must research the different chemicals used and find out if they safe to use around your pets and the vegetation near your home. One of the harmful ingredients is ammonia. It is usually found in glass and polishing cleaners. It’s dangerous once it is smelled. Animals have smaller lungs so they are more vulnerable to this type of toxin.

Keep in mind that once ammonia is mixed with bleach, a poisonous gas can be created. Bleach or chlorine is commonly used in cleaning floors, toilets, and windows. If this is inhaled or swallowed by pets such as dogs and cats, it can irritate their mucous membranes that would lead to coughing, vomiting and breathing problems. It will also cause poisonous gases that will kill trees, birds and small mammals near your home. If they are too exposed to bleach, it will eventually cause death.

The most common primary ingredient in almost all multi-purpose house cleaning products is 2-butoxyethanol. It is derived from crude oil and overexposure can lead to intoxication and irritations of nose and eyes. It’s more dangerous to pregnant animals and leads to birth defects. It doesn’t smell harmful instead it smells very sweet that’s why animals are attracted to it so it would seem best if you avoid products that contain this type of ingredient.

Choose environmental cleaning products that are highly recommended and rated highly by the EPA and other environmental experts. Products that are plant-based are commonly used in cleaning houses. These products don’t contain undesirable toxins that can be found on other products. These types of cleaners are safe because they are made from natural ingredients and they are manufactured using sustainable practices. You can also use natural household cleaners such as baking soda, vinegar, essential oil, etc. You can also save money by using natural compared to buying conventional cleaning products. If you would to hire end of lease home cleaning, you must check first what kind of products they’re going to be using. You should hire the service that only use safe and eco-friendly products to ensure safety for both family and pets.

Our lives can be busy and stressful at times. This is the reason why it is easier for many people to choose the one cleaning product in the market that promises to do quick fixing without even looking through the labels. If you consider cleaning your house to be important, you must also consider checking on the products that you are using. Most of the products that can be found on the market today contain harsh chemicals that can be bad for your kids’ health and your loved pets as well. It’s essential that you only bring green solutions to your home cleaning problems. The most important benefit of going on eco-friendly products is for you to have a healthier home. You can ensure that family members and pets are no longer breathing in harmful chemicals from product cleaners.

Choose Eco-friendly Cleaning Products to Protect your Pets

Protecting your pets needs to be one of your top priorities. You will need to make sure that you look for eco-friendly cleaning agents, since they tend to be better for your own animals.


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