5 Ways to Make Your Home Security System Just a Little Greener



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Home security provides both protection and peace of mind for your family. But if you aren’t careful, it’s easy for your security system to become inefficient and wasteful. As you consider an upgrade, think about how you can make your system a little greener.

5 Tips for a Greener Security System

A home security system isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about inefficient parts of your home, but it’s easy to miss the mark in this area. Between the technology you install and the different habits and practices you maintain, home security can really make or break your home’s overall eco-friendliness.

Not sure what to do? Feel like you’re coming up short in this area? The following tips will help you make greener decisions.

1. Choose an IP Surveillance System

If you’re installing surveillance cameras on your property, IP cameras are the smart solution. Generally speaking, IP cameras cover a wider range of space and consume far less energy (when compared to traditional analog cameras). And because they send, receive, and save video footage digitally, there’s no need for bulky, inefficient receivers for physical video storage.

Unfortunately, some of the systems with IP surveillance leave a large carbon footprint. It is important to do your due diligence before choosing one. Click here to find the right reviews.

2. Use Window Shades

On a very basic level, there are some simple steps you can take to keep your home safer without needing to invest in a bunch of technology. One suggestion is to use window shades when you’re away from home. Window shades make it difficult for an intruder to see into the home to know if people are home. As such, it acts as an energy efficient protective feature.

On a related note, quality window shades can also be used to maximize energy efficiency in terms of blocking out excessive sunlight during the summer and buffering cold air during the winter.

3. Automate Lighting

Remember that home security is about preventing break-ins and threats – not reacting to them. While an alarm is great, it only works once an intruder has penetrated the perimeter. It’s far better to prevent the disturbance altogether. One of the best ways you can do this is by utilizing automated lighting solutions – such as light timers operating on different on/off cycles – that make your home appear occupied even when you’re away.

“You can also make eco-friendly choices in your light bulbs,” ADT security suggests. “LED bulbs are far more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs, using 80% less energy and lasting for years. They’re more expensive up front, but generally pay for themselves after 18 months, and can continue working for up to a decade after that, keeping your energy consumption for lighting down.”

4. Put Outdoor Lighting on Motion

Automated indoor lighting makes your house look lived in, even when you’re at work or on vacation. Lighting can also be used outside to keep unwanted people off your property.

Motion-based floodlights are awesome because you don’t have to leave them on all night, yet get maximum protection. And because they activate on movement, they’re more likely to scare an intruder away.

5. Work With Green Security Companies

Not all security companies are created equal. Make sure you’re working with one that’s compliant with different green certifications, such as RoHS. Under this certification, all products involved in the security system must be developed without the use of dangerous substances like mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, and phthalates.

Prioritize Efficiency Across the Board

If you truly want to have a green, energy efficient home, you have to prioritize efficiency across the board. You can’t just pick and choose the areas you want to pay attention to. Home security might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it plays an important role in the larger equation. Take these pointers into account and see what you can do to make your home just a little bit greener.


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